Pharaoh Loosey / Press

“Pharaoh Loosey has put their own stamp on the idea with an instrumental gene splice of Prog complexity, Post Rock vibrancy and Jazz Fusion improvisational methodology. Grant Kilgard is a textural keyboardist, playing foundation and melody simultaneously, Osmanoglu brings a guitarist’s perspective to the bass and Wayne Kilgard is an amazingly musical drummer. Together the trio makes sounds that would be impressive for a quintet.”

“Grant Kilgard (Keyboards), Eric Osmanoglu (Bass), and Wayne Kilgard (Drums) spin together a sound that combines Experimental, Funk, and Improvisation into music that is both unique and captivating. You have got to check these guys out”

"A musical journey through space and time."

"What NO VOCALS?! ah yeah, you won't see a frontman at the helm, but 3 guys obviously into the music. This band is a merry mix of acid rock with jazz, funk, roots, and a measure of blues into something psychedelically Pharoah Loosey."

Rome Ntukogu - Far-I-Rome Productions