HardWork Playerz I.N.C. / Press

“Spliff Masu Album-This Is Street Muzick out not. Everywhere”



“This is not what your expecting to hear.”

“GO GET THE EP. featuring Masu Seminole/ Phallon Sinnis/ Kool Po/ and DJ BMO.”


“Some ask why the name HardWork Playerz INC? DJ BMO Came up with the name and Phallon Sinnis shaped the concept. We chose this name because only through dedicated hard work and a little stubbornness and faith, can you achieve everything in life that you are set out to do. You can't listen to what people tell you all the time. Sometimes you gotta go against the grain. Thats where we get our sound from. Always trying to not sound like the hottest rappers out at the time because that is almost trendy. We want our music to stand through time and changing fads. We want to always be aware of our world and be relevant to the people.”

Phallon Sinnis - The origin of the name