P.G Prophecy / Press

“with the right guidance you could be a star”

Mike G. - A&R Music Director/VP (ESM)

“You have some radio ready material”

Amy S. - A&R Admissions Coordinator (ESM)

“P.G Prophecy has just released his first Gospel rap mixtape called Firestreak Volume 1.”

Fireproof Music Gospel - Firestreak Volume 1

“Whats great. I listened to the music and definitely feel there's potential. You're being considered for SNS On Da Grind. SNS On Da Grind is an opportunity we present to select up and coming talent that gives worldwide exposure, promotion and at the end of the day, an opportunity to be signed.”

"O" Vakseen Davis III - Slip-N-Slide Records

“Keep doing your thing man.”

Michael Joseph - Props

“I dig it dude !!!”

The Salt - Props

“Love your music ....props God bless my brother ..Mijo from downunda !!”

Mijo - Props

“DaYuMmm Baye! That "Im Me" Go HaRd thana Mu'F*!! Yur Dope!”

MsFit L0sErS! - Props