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“The f word is a great piece of work. The artist has a lot of material on this production and that being said each song is delightfully different than the last. The material address subject matter that is important to us all life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The music is strong and well produced the lyrics are of a man that has spent a lifetime learning his craft clever entertaining and profound. I would for sure recommend the f word to anyone.it will become one of your favorites”

“The beats are unforgettable!! They take you back!! The lyrics are awesome!! And the artist is AMAZING!! The album was very well put together!! It definitely keeps you moving and on your feet the whole time you listen to it! You cant find good music like this anymore! The album "The F Word" is definitely worth purchasing!! Cant wait to hear more from this artist! :)”

“Your sound is refreshing. It's like Prince, Biggie & the whole Dungeon Family ran a train on a bad b***h”

Dj Animale - album review

““…Young Pflames is the essence of hip hop. This artist is amazing. His beats are unique capturing the heart of fans that like a variety of music.” – Bossmomma, Amazon.com review.”


““From the hip hop capital of the mid-mid-west, Omaha, this emerging artist is rising with style and humor. In "Can't Get Right," he pokes at the use of auto tuners and then rocks it hard. His beats are moderate and original but not what makes him shine. Give a listen and you'll understand what's separating him from the pack in Nebraska and what is moving him into the national spotlight.”

Cody Elder - artstarblog.com.

“He's been working hard in the studio to produce great tracks with refreshing beats and an experimental sound”