Petula Beckles / Press

"Petula Beckles whose uncanny ability to subtly blend Gospel with Jazz and Caribbean flavors is the quintessence of musical Perfection..."

"Petula's combination of Jazz and Gospel has earned some notoriety."

"...Saturday night at Berean. You was outstanding!... With only one song. I truly enjoyed your (one) performance at (UCAA) Berean SDA."

Richard White - Rowhouse Advertising and Design

"...You have a great voice. Keep on doing what you're doing...".

Claude McKnight (Take 6) - MySpace.com

"I was extremely impressed with the song 'Today I will shout', and I feel that you are extremely talented. I was equally awed with your style, the quality of the writing, overall production and performance".

Sam Carson/A&R Dept. - The music insider network LLC. Nashville, TN.