Petrograd In Transit / Press

"I want St. Petersburg's Petrograd In Transit to be my personal theme band. Epic and sweeping, every daily activity--no matter how mundane--would be life affirming with Petrograd behind me."

"An awesome debut-ep! A mix between This Will Destroy You and Sigur Rós. Very beautiful!" 6th Top Album of the Year.

"It’s been a slow year for new styles and new bands making an impact. But here we have a fresh, original St. Pete band with a big, sprawling sound. Petrograd in Transit is beauty in motion."

"An intoxicating concoction: The band's strictly instrumental style has ever-changing moods with arrangements that go from lush to sparse and back again. New wave-style keyboards get mighty reinforcements by solid and varied rhythms and tight guitar interplay."

"All of Petrograd's music elevates the listener beyond their mundane existence; it's what is so attractive about their music. How can a local act dare to be so big?"