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““Wicked Visions,” a smooth flowing fusion of rock and blues music that is felt as deeply as it’s heard. The songs on “Wicked Visions” take the listener on a satisfying aural journey rife with heartfelt personal lyrics, artistic guitar solos and mammoth musical jams.”

“Petey & the Ravens Album Review, "Broken Heart"”

“It is a stunning CD with music that’s not just heard but felt, from the guitar fueled jams to the gentle caress of the sax. It doesn’t matter what favorite genre a listener gravitates to, this is the type of music that crosses those boundaries.”

“Interview with the Orlando Examiner Nov. 2013”

Kat Coffin - Orlando Examiner UAA music Event

“IN tune With Pedro "Petey" Rodriguez”

“The local Orlando musicians/bands scheduled are Logan and Yvonne Belle, Petey and the Ravens, Lauren Lester Band, The Actomatics, Milk Carton Superstars Continue reading on Examiner.com Local Orlando bands at Delandapalooza - Orlando Local Music | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/local-music-in-orlando/local-orlando-bands-at-delandapalooza#ixzz1rNlkWf5Q”