Pete Witham & The Cozmik Zombies / Press

“Imagine a band with slap upright rockabilly bass, Brian Setzer on lead guitar, Johnny Cash playing flattop, singing original songs that were the result of an all night songwriting session between Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and David Lynch. High energy roots rock and roll with witty, wry, darkly humorous lyrics.”

Portland Daily Sun

“Phoenix Best of Portland Nominee- Best Roots Act 2010”

“...there's a palpable energy that drives the disc...”

“Brian Setzer-style swing...”

“fire-breathing lead guitar... ”

“...a damn good band, more than a few smart turns of phrase, and an interesting contemporary turn on some long-standing forms of Americana: hopped-up rockabilly, syrupy country, swing, and Elvis-era rock and roll.”

“Their first album, Full Tilt!, is nine songs and 30 minutes of prime material — all-killer, no-filler...”

“...sold out the 266 seat venue... resulting in a total of $15, 962.50 worth of food to be given to needy families in Maine”

“Pete Witham & The Cozmik Zombies know how to have a good time. Their witty songs are backed by serious musicianship.”

"Despite finely crafted arrangements, rock-solid grooves and guitar riffs executed with razor-sharp presicion, Pete Witham and the Cozmik Zombies manage to conjure a sense of reckless abandon on the recording that demands a hearing in a live setting. Great show. Great record."

Robert Sylvain - Gigafone Records