Pete Thompson / Press

" (I) Recently heard some of Pete Thompson's new project. I was totally blown away to say the least! The songs are not your typical cookie cutter type like I write lol. They are deep and thought provoking coupled with equally superb arrangements and instrumentation. While listening, I heard many of Pete's influences. I can hardly wait to hear the finished product."

"My good friend Pete Thompson has come out behind a lifelong time of playing drums with legends of Rock n Roll to the front and center of the stage with the debut of his new CD, Open Window ranging from a soul sound of Marvin Gaye to the rootsy grooves of JJ Cale and Tony Joe White, and through many cultures that he has traveled, has incorporated into his soul many other world rhythms influenced by his experiences of various music of other countries. His songs are well thought out and his lyrics are well written.From the first note to the last note on his CD you will find yourself caught into a reality that you can't put down,everyone that we know should get this CD and find themselves lost in the beauty of Pete's work"~ Guthrie Kennard.

“I was very fortunate and blessed to have gotten to play on his record "Open Window". While having been in the musical spirit of what Pete has done here I can say without a doubt that he is one of the most musically talented people that I know.... He's not only an incredible artist but he is a musician's musician as well as a songwriter...Throughout my entire musical life I have always craved and yearned for THE Ultimate Player that I can really feel when I have the opportunity to "get musical". Pete is the guy who "brings it coming in and going out. I play on a lot of records but very seldom am I as much of a FAN of the client as I am to the music and performance of Pete Thompson.... I can assuredly say once you allow Pete's music in to your soul.you will totally understand it all.... I am thrilled that after his many years of playing drums with Robin Trower he has now stepped up to the front of the musical stage before him.and in grand musical style I might add.”

"I met Pete a few years ago when the band I was with was supporting guitar legend Robin Trower on his first farewell tour in the UK...As the tour went on Pete and I shared more time together...during this time I discovered just how many of my favorite drum grooves were thanks to him. We have since become firm friends and he has offered no end of great advice and inspiration for my career."

“The very first bootleg tape I received was the show (Robin Trower) from Jan 7,1988 in San Raphael, Calif...The line up was what a lot of people kindly refer to as the "Passion" band. It was something totally different hearing this band in a live setting. Besides the songs they recorded, the "classics" played by this line up took on their own style and sound. With Pattison's voice and interaction with the crowd, Bronze's masterful bass playing and Pete's solid drumming, I found this to be some of the best playing I had ever heard coming from Robin. This band was feeding off each other at every corner and they seemed to be pushing each other with every song...This line up thrives in a live environment. When you get a certain formula of band mates, special things happen. This was very apparent when seeing this group live. (Read more via the link) ”