Peter Wolf / Press

“Pure guitar playing is wonderful, of course, and we all adore stunning examples of technique and tone. Perhaps a less-appreciated aspect of guitarcraft is using the instrument to convey the emotional landscape of a work. Supernatural guitarist Peter Wolf — along with keyboard- and bass-playing compatriot Thomas Kraemer—give a master class on matching vibey textures to the narrative ebb-and-flow of a song.”

Michael Mollenda - Guitar Player, USA

“As an electric guitarist and singer song-writer, Wolf is quite impressive and together with his multi-instrumentalist Kraemer, they win you over with the deep and meaningful pop sound of Supernatural ”

Robert Silverstein - 20th Century Guitar

“I like Supernatural a lot, they got a really cool feel. I Don’t Wanna Know? That could be a massive song. I also like the almost film-like atmosphere -there’s a few songs here that should be played to directors.”

Dave Burrluck - Guitarist, UK

“Supernatural songs present handmade singer/songwriter Pop/Rock with U2 like moods, hypnotic beats, soundtrack-flair and musical poetry. Nice guitars, great arrangements and a number of songs Mark Knopfler, Peter Gabriel and Chris Martin would be proud of."”

Lothar Trampert - Gitarre & Bass Magazine, Germany

“Supernatural’s third effort, Never Give Up, is the result of 18 months of cross-continent writing and recording by the duo’s members, Peter Wolf and Thomas Kraemer. In spite of this, the album is a remarkably cohesive effort, both musically and lyrically. From the ambient hooks and lush melodies to the recurring themes of perseverance in the face of adversity, the songs consistently deliver.”

Ara Ajizian - Harmony Central

“Supernatural’s infectious ambient Pop will catch you unaware”

Greg Phillips - Australan Musician