Peter Mintun / Press

“Pianist and occasional vocalist Peter Mintun launched his series of monthly shows with the zesty "Waltz from Swingtime," then noted the address with "Slumming on Park Avenue" and dryly commented on Hamptons-style weekends with "Mrs. Lowsborough-Goodby." Which made the point that although he can play Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin and Cole Porter better than almost anybody, Mr. Mintun's specialty is the "second-tier" songwriting teams of the 1920s and '30s, like Mack Gordon and Harry Revel ("A Dream Walking"), and the composing bandleaders Johnny Green ("Body and Soul") and Richard Himber ("Monday in Manhattan"). Mr. Mintun renders their words and music with such elegance that you'll inevitably start wondering why all these deco-age songwriters aren't as well known or as widely celebrated as Rodgers and Hart. No matter the song, Mr. Mintun's playing is filled with the joy of living.”

"Mintun is the living incarnation of the fabulous keyboard wizards of the jazz age."

Will Friedwald - Sun York Sun