Peter MacDougall / Press

“The CD Broad Road is available for a free download. If you like it, please share my music with your friends. Blessings, from Prince Edward Island, Canada”

“I’ve often marvelled at the quality and quantity of musical talent in our tiny province. I have had the opportunity to listen to several Island artists over the years, all of them good, but few have impressed me quite as much as Peter MacDougall. Throughout the album, MacDougall demonstrates his heart. Titles include topics on prayer (Prayer in the Name), evangelism (One by One), heaven (Walk Right Up) and forgiveness and praise (I Want to Praise). MacDougall uses catchy melodies to reach out to his listeners, and he hooks them in to listen to his message.”

“''Rare indeed is the songwriter whose every composition is so beautifully realized, both lyrically and musically. Peter MacDougall is indeed that rare songwriter. Every song delivered with passion, humanity, and yes a wry sense of humor when needed. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we enjoyed sowing the seed''.”

“Peter's writing is unabashedly honest, humble, and sincere. His voice rings strong and true with a natural musicality that is immediately likeable and refreshing.”