Peter Luha / Press

“..when we'll be fully engaged to make music, to create, practice and play, we want to get as far as possible..”

“For the group from Bratislava Persona Grata began the year 2014 as a living dream. Less than a month they will perform in an exclusive overseas festival alongside the stars of the genre such as Pain of Salvation, Transatlantic, Spock's Beard, Devin Townsend Project, Mike Portnoy, Jon Anderson ...”

“Peter Luha - guitar player of the month December 2013 on twohandedplayer.com”

“Chitarrista eclettico e virtuoso con solide basi classiche, ma con una propulsione artistica ad ampio raggio che non risparmia la critica sociale, in particolare ai poteri occulti individuati a Bruxelles..”

“What is your creative process like? "I like the inspirations from everything around me, but also from my feelings. Melodies always play in my head. Some songs arise in a moment, some of the ideas remain and come up again later and then I finish them." What are your musical aspirations? "Always to have new fresh ideas and inspirations and the ability to express them."”

“What’s your definition of success and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?: "For me, the definition of success is mainly my satisfaction with my own creation." What don’t fans/audiences understand about the music industry today?: "Fans are victims of massive advertising and commercial campaigns. They don’t have to understand, they must buy."”

“album Viaje del Alma is nominated in Tai Awards 2013 /project of annual awards for quality musicians from Czech Republic, Slovakia & Overseas Countries/..”

“album Viaje del Alma is nominated in 12th Independent Music Awards in the Instrumental Album Category!!”

“..phenomenal Peter Luha started with his session band. His music can't be described, it must be seen and especially heard with own eyes and ears. He not only sings and plays fantastically, but his charisma is able to carry the audience. Such talents do not born often..”

“The concert will open with one of the most significant and contemporary Slovak guitarists Peter Luha with his solo performance. He has recently introduced his new album "Viaje del Alma"..”

“After December's release show for the album Viaje del Alma we invite all fans of good music on special common FUSION TOUR. Musical meetings of guitar virtuoso and singer Peter Luha and master of banjo Richard Ciferský, whose after his travels through Europe and the United States met again in Slovakia, you can enjoy in several cities in Slovakia..”

“Yesterday in Bratislava club Hlava 22 took place the release show for new solo guitar album of composer and guitarist Peter Luha called Viaje del Alma! Album was released by young and ambitious label Real Music House. Godparents became all actors: Juraj Griglák - bass, Dino de Valeria - cajon and percussion, Jozef Scheiner - mandolin, Dano Godány - dance and Lucia Černeková from animated project On The Road. Album was baptized with very tasty red wine!”

“Slovak guitarist and composer will baptize today his debut studio album Viaje del Alma. In the music club Hlava 22 will perform with him also bassist Juraj Griglák, percussionist Dino de Valeria, Jozef Scheiner on mandolin and dancer Dano Godány ..”

“Viaje del Alma /Journey of Soul/ relies on purely instrumental and rather intimate atmosphere. While listening to the album I just imagine the guitar fretboard and drool over melodies and phrases that Peter plays on his instrument. Only top musicians can afford the instrumental creation as Štěpán Rak in our country and in Slovakia? That is why appreciate Peter Luha who is not afraid to go against the current and prepared for his fans half-hour material, full of the best you can get from a guitar..”

“Album can certainly find its place on the Slovak music market. Record with similar atmosphere and expression you would look for in vain here..”

“Another success of significant Slovak instrumentalist is inclusion among the world's guitar elite. Luha Peter had become an official player of the prestigious brand Framus. His talent was recognized with roaring applause of the audience at the International Gitarrenfestival in Kühlungsborn..”

“Peter Luha has created great guitar album called Viaje del Alma with clear sound of electric guitars which will give excellent acoustic feeling.. Every song is a story for itself, it is like diary of one soul of one man..”

“Real talents are not born often. Even if once in a while someone gets a gift of potential musicality and skills as the main protagonist of this article..”

“Slovak guitarist and composer Peter Luha has released at the end of September in Real Music House label his debut studio album Viaje del Alma..”

“Some of the guitar compositions done with loopers that I have seen are really amazing but this one surely takes the cake..”

“By means of the songs contained on his debut album “Viaje del Alma”, the Framus endorser introduces himself as a musician with a remarkable feeling for the atmosphere of his compositions..”

“Peter Luha braucht keine Show, um Aufmerksamkeit zu erlangen. Der Musiker mit dem Rockerface aus der Slowakei setzt sich unspektakulär auf die Bühne und beginnt sein virtuoses Spiel. Seine finger gleiten in immer schnellerem tempo über die Gitarrenseiten. Die töne die er dern instrument entlockt, lassen schauer über die haut fahren..”

“Solo guitar albums belong to the extra-ordinary phenomena in Slovakia. Viaje del Alma, the record of a talented multi-instrumentalist and composer Peter Luha is definitely not based only on guitar-playing technique, which has been awarded by several prestigious guitar festivals and music magazines.”

“Peter Luha is a 37 year old guitarist from Slovakia with one of the most diverse styles I’ve ever heard. Of course that’s probably a product of his influences that include Deep Purple, Van Halen, the Beatles, Queen...”