Peter and the Twins / Press

“We ended up just throwing them on stage...why not, these guys are cool...So we threw them on stage for four acoustic songs down at the east 9th pier, and they killed! Absolutely killed, They were awesome.”

““Scarcely hath the world witnessed two gingers upon whom soul hath been so generously endowed.” -Edgar Allan Poe (reportedly)”

Edgar Allan Poe (reportedly) - Poe's Journal

“Peter And The Twins—true to the name, it’s a dude named Peter and a pair of twin brothers. Having just released its debut album and setting forth on its first national tour, the Minnesota trio should have wide-eyed enthusiasm on its side.”

“Over the last few months, Stewart and his bandmates have worked at a furious pace.”

"Their music is a testament to their love of music and hard work. They don't miss a beat"

“Peter Stewart wasn't planning on playing much music during his two-month stay in Guatemala last winter, but everywhere he turned, he got a song request.”