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“The first sponsored WebCeleb, and overall winner of the Code Blue contest was Pete Hopkins with his song 'I Won't Cry' (www.webceleb.com/#/song/531/). Hopkins, an emerging star within the WebCeleb community, pursues his art with a divine driving force and equates making music with 'True Love.' Hopkins will begin working with Blue and present his professionally produced material to Immergent for a first look. WebCeleb hosted acclaimed producer Mikal Blue's Code Blue music contest from August 1st - September 30th. Blue, producer of Colbie Caillat and One Republic, supported the online songwriter contest on www.webceleb.com in which musicians submitted their songs or lyrics to be judged by fellow WebCeleb users. Eight finalists were chosen over eight weeks, while the overall winner was selected by Mikal Blue and immergent Records to be personally produced in Blue's Revolver Studios. ”

webceleb - www.pr-inside.com

"Muscular melodic, funky and soulful, this pop-rock artist writes and arranges his material so well that it frequently sounds like ear candy... "Musicianship: Think Prince, Jamiroquai and Mick Hucknall. Hopkins can scale the high notes with an ear shattering falsetto that's exhilarating and giddy. He is also versatile with a delicate touch, switching gears and shading his vocals with subtlety and nuance. Drums, rhythm and guitars accent the overall sound giving it drive, power and distinction. Creative in its execution, the musicianship is an exercise in virtuosity. Performance: At this gig, Hopkins was an electrifying performer who let the spirit of the music move him. One could feel a charge going through his body and being projected into the audience with such sheer excitement and passion it became gripping…”

Harriet Kaplan - Music Connection

“Los Angeles-based musician Pete Hopkins has been selected the visitRaleigh.com National Band Search winner. More than 792 bands entered the Rock with the Legends contest on OurStage.com with the hopes of winning the chance to open the visitRaleigh.com Benefit Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a 15-minute set. Hopkins has been a featured artist on VH-1’s “Rock Across America” and was a Top 10 finalist on NBC's "Star of Tommorrow." Hopkins was named a favorite by OurStage.com music fans, and a panel of music industry experts, musicians and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and John Entwistle Foundation executive staff and board members chose Hopkins as the winner.”

September Pulse - www.visitraliegh.com

“Rarely do you find a young talent like Pete Hopkins whose style, phrasing, lyrics and melodies are so immediately catchy. His blend of Pop Rock with Soul Underpinnings is addictive.” Dean Sciarra, It’s About Music.com”

Dean Sciarra - www.itsaboutmusic.com

““Pete Hopkins is a SUPERB writer, his lyrics are upbeat, quick and smart and intelligent listeners appreciate his style.” Jack Uno, Clickspin.com, Los Angeles, CA”

Jack Uno - www.clickspin.com

““The next time you want a night of great music, spin by a Pete Hopkins show, you will be glad you did…His use of wording and phrase is none less than brilliant…Look out Justin Timberlake, and Paul Simon for that matter!” April Roberts, Rock City News, Los Angeles, CA”

April Roberts - Rock City News

““You know there is a revolution coming when you hear music like Pete Hopkins. I really like this guy! He's got a big future!" Adam Curry (MTV Alumni) Dailysourcecode.com”

Adam Curry - www.dailysourcecode.com

“Pete Hopkins is " The most brilliant performer I've ever seen..." "A truly original experience...artistic expression in top form." Corey Dylan, KISS 106.1 FM, Seattle, WA”

Corey Dylan - Kiss FM