Peter Holmqvist / Press

“Loved watching the video of your live pickin' and enjoyed a number of your songs here .. given my druthers a bluegrass style band would be my choice .. so your style is right up my listening alley .. a real pleasure”


“It's a great pleasure to listen to your great "fingerpicking". You are a brilliant and an excellent musician. Just wonderful and amazing. All the best!”

Keld Sand Singer/songwriter

“You've created some really wonderful music! Best Wishes to You”

Sadie Blu

“I really enjoyed listening to "Howdy Mr. Boogie". You are a very talented guitarist and I wish you much success.”

Mike Vinson

“Great playing!! Beautiful tone and love your style!!”

Beki Brindle & The Hotheads

“Just some of the best fingerpicking around these here parts.”

Doug Dickens

“beautiful acoustic blues guitar play & great voice... exciting & very entertaining...”


“Love Can't Afford Working! Classic and so True! Great tune”

Steve Meaney

"Magic Rag" is a great bluegrass-type number!! Very fine playing on this tune.

The Workers

“very diverse selections. particularly enjoyed Cant afford work - so much like the old juke joint blues from way way back. Really enjoyed your style on that.”

Joe Sneekers

“Sweet shots of the blues, man! 'Soul Longing blues' and 'Howdy Mr Boogie' deserve to be in the iPods of children worldwide!”

Spencer Joyce

“Nice guitar pickinĀ“!”

Erja Lyytinen

“great songs ...great sound!! i love the blues and you dish it up niiiiice bro !! may you have much success in all the good you do peace and love to you mr. ddt”

Song/Word/Spirit Ministries International

“Hi Peter, love the picking on Magic Rag, it's a great tune! Have a great start to the year. Bad Cardigan”

Bad Cardigan

“Great Acoustic Blues. Nice Sounds. Excellent Guitarist . Cheers. Pierre”

“Howdie Mr. Boogie-great accoustics..you have a talent that we are glad to find and share! Hope you enjoy our music also-we believe diversity is the spice of life-you are giving out plent of spice! Route 64 Richmond Virginia”

“That's some mighty fine guitar picking going on here!!!! Love it!!! Listening to Howdy Mr. Boogie.....very cool!!!!”

“Awesome music and guitar playing here! I like it very much. Fantastic Fingerstyle! Congrats and best regards!”

“Awesome! Brilliant! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS!!!”

“Sweet magic flowing through those fingers picken!! Enjoying your Great Music!!”

“Sue Trickey - Folk / Singer/Songwriter / Jazz 2012-08-20 4:51 I am just enjoying a listen to your new songs, I always love your fingerpicking style. Great recordings”

“ Hose - Alternative / accoustic / solo 2012-08-26 4:32 Brilliant pickin' Peter! I love all of this page..My favorite is 'Howdy Mr Boogie' brilliant!!!! Regards, Hose.”

“Very nice picking - virtuously played and very inspiring! GREAT! Thank you for the nice contact, Peter!”

“Pete! Very cool tunes man. Im diggin "Tornado Blues" and "Soul longing blues" already man! Go through the whole list! Alot of Clapton type feel, very cool man! Great guitar work:)”

“you know that I listened to all your music. Played it while I was reading my messages and loved it.”

“Just left your facebook guitar page and blown away by your style of clean crisp picking. Would not be surprised to hear your music in the back ground of some movie.”

“I'm like Me & My Blues a lot....fun song..makes me smile :))) ”