petecracc / Press

“petecracc is a techno. WIZ!!”

“i like how u were goofing round i mean with the movements n stuff. thats what i call swag ;0”

“i really love the way you spit your lines and freestyle's, keep your head up and represent the southside. godbless”

“keep on representing malukas, keep it up bro your doing fine.”

" for his respect in the street, he was able to be featured as an underground emcee in one of the music video and DVD documentary of mike swift and J-hon from new york, USA. for his complexity when spittin lines he was allowed to spit in front of the camera & aquired trust from various artists. "

" for his remarkable performance with his former rap group ( likalento ) they were invited to perform as special guest to a contest, they felt the warm hug by the people who loves music and given them a chance to be exposed on a certain occassion. "

" petecracc is able to perform and penetrate the music underground for one year, spontaneously he received calls and text message from the owner's all over town and started performing every week end in different places "

" he was invited to perform with his ex rap group called likalento, and sadly he wasnt able to perform because of misunderstanding with the organizer's still, he have learned that how a rapper suffer's "

" he became a fresh from the boat emcee, gained the trust of the owner's and the people who likes petecracc when performing. he started to be known as emcee in this bar and restaurant and started his career as a musician and host and people believed in his skills as an artist "

" he performed in the stage with popular artist, gained respect, make people listen to the real music of an true emcee. "