Pesky J. Nixon / Press

“I flat out love your music. There is no other way to say it. If I had a band - you guys are what I would want it to sound like.”

Jim Colbert - WPSU DJ Jim Colbert

“Pesky J. Nixon's fresh and brilliant touch makes Red Ducks a truly exciting experience”

Remo Ricaldone - Planet Country Italy

" Pesky J Nixon's Red Ducks is a very, very good selection of covers. Beautiful vocals and arrangements make this album a delicious moment ...it is delicate, made with a good taste , really interesting"

Mike Penard - ISA Radio

"They raise the roof. Like Moxy Fruvous and Great Big Sea they are a band that makes me feel good no matter what. They radiate positive vibes. Their new songs are moving in a new direction; they are growing as artists as we watch."

“You have an amazing sound that is infectious and puts a smile on peoples faces.”

Cheryl Praskher - President of NorthEast Regional Folk Alliance

“These are songs of partings, taken with the best possible grace.”

“PJN's music is an ideal blend of vocal harmonies and skilled instrumentation.”

“These guys represent what I love about music...great playing, thoughtful lyrics, and musicians who actually enjoy playing together!”

Jay Moberg - WUMB Radio

““They have a very cool sound, a lot of variety,” says Eric Chasalow, the Irving Fine Professor of Music. “It’s easy to write simple things that are not very interesting, but I admire simplicity when it works.””

“sweet jesus...you guys can play on...want to hear me some more PJN!”

RJ Cowdery - 2008 Kerrville Folk Festival - New Folk Winner

“Pesky's vocals, songwriting, and arrangements work together to deliver a mood that draws you right in.”

"These guys sing and play well together, and they clearly enjoy it, which is an underrated charm. Plus, right out of the gate, Monkey Business and Mislaid Hopes hits the listener with an arresting, vital question: Who's going to love you when I'm gone?"

Peter Mulvey, singer-songwriter

"... a smooth, inviting sound that makes me think of warm and comfortable coffeehouses on brisk autumn evenings in New England."

Mike Mendyke - Dick Van Dyke and The Vantastix