“Canadian metal band PERSIST. Here is a unique opportunity to read about their tour with Five Finger Death Punch and the new album "You don't shine" that was released in April.”

"Persist with Hellyeah!!!!

“Five Finger Death Punch has announced they will tour Canada as well as the Western US beginning this March, with legendary Soulfly as support, as well as Windowpane and Persist.”

“Local Toronto band, Persist, are now confirmed as the support on "The Wrong Side of heaven Tour" featuring headliners Five Finger Death Punch, direct support Escape The Fate, as well as Miss May l and Gemini Syndrome.”

“Persist Rocks!!!”

“Persist is a hard-rocking Canadian band with ambitions to fill stadiums… and they’re willing to do the work to get there. With an EP and a recent tour with Five Finger Death Punch already under their belt, Persist is putting together their debut full-length album (featuring appearance from a member of Soulfly), which will be out in 2014.”

“Lead singer from the band Persist, K.C. Lee, has seen many things change during his time in the music industry.”

“: well in a perfect world headlining our own tour across the world :) i see us continuing to persist, we will continue to write and play music. where we end up.... i will leave that to the music gods! i can tell you that in under a month we will be on tour with five finger fucking death punch!! thats good enough for me right now.”

“To add to their list of achievements, Persist has also recently released their debut EP Hours In The Daze. Their self-described sound is accurate: “we’ve got a hard rock sound. It’s very melodic, but it’s got a lot of power and energy” (K.C. Lee). They have a strong understanding of the elements of good songwriting; writing within their genre, but incorporating elements that widen their target audience and appeal to listeners beyond the exclusivity of dedicated hard rock fans. The melodies are tasteful and lingering. Their commanding dynamic changes grab attention with the confidence and precision of a well-seasoned band that has honed its style to capture the audience and hold its focus.”

“The meld of austere vocal strength and heavy, wall trembling sound is only an aspect of what Persist can offer an audience. The band has a mainstream quality, combining their own hardcore musical methodology with sounds akin to more recent bands like Avenged Sevenfold (though with considerably less swearing). On that note, though the band’s sound has a welcome familiarity, the lyrics are truly their own. Unlike many bands in their genre, Persist stays far away from offensive language and “screamo” music. The lyrics present a tough exterior to match the band’s solemn, darker style, giving the songs a raw simplicity. K.C. Lee admits he is particularly proud of their musical following. “The fans are so dedicated. I mean, these days, people have to feed their families, yet they make time to come out and hear us play!” ”

“Persist......and the world will listen Persist, as they are known are five young men hailing from the GTA who know how to rock. These guys play alternative rock like they have been together since metal was formed. To see a quality Rock "N" Roll band in a smaller venue is both good and bad. The good is you get an amazing seat to see them up close, the bad is you wont be able to see these guys playing these smaller venues for much longer. These guys rocked the house. From their version of Pink Floyds "Comfortably Numb" to their original "Draggin Me Down" Persist reminded me what true rock should sound like. It probably won't be long before you hear these guys playing on every rock station across the globe. They get a huge opportunity on May 8th by opening for Canadian rock legends and platinum recording artist HELIX at Norma Jean's in Tillsonbur”

“ Maturity may have given K.C a strong sensibility in terms of what he wants and where he is going, but the hard-driving sounds of his band, Persist, defies generational categorization. Comprised of KC Lee on lead vocals, Robbie Pow on guitar, Jerry Stro on drums and Z on Guitar and Dale 2dr bass, Persist was formed in 2006. Its musical style has been compared to a range of established acts, including Metallica and Counting Crows. With a five-song EP under their belt, regular gigs at high profile clubs such as the Hard Rock Café and Jeff Healey’s Roadhouse and opening for bands such as Helix, Persist has come into its own as one of Toronto’s leading rock bands. They are in the process of recording a 10-song CD with producer Joel Kazmi at Metalworks studio in Mississauga and are also looking for a management company. There’s talk of a European tour. ”