Perry Gaffney Jr / Press

"I was privileged enough in 2012 to be asked to be one of Headcount's featured artist in their "Register To Vote" Campaign. The campaign for me was important because I felt it was my way of taking action in getting my generation involved in what goes on in our country/world. I truly believe this generation has the ability to change our world for the better and this was my way in taking part. Being pictured and listed next to some of the most amazing/talented artists in the world was truly an honor while participating in the largest social media-driven campaign EVER. "

“So its been a while, give us an update on what you have been doing that is pushing your career forward. Well a whole lot has been going on since the last time we did an interview. I’m always busy grinding out music and doing other things that pertain to my career such as photo shoots, shows, and interviews like this one. However as you know I am always trying to make moves towards success in my music career but recently I have become the newest member of SimplePlay Presents (Nola) which is a music production, management, and booking company out of New Orleans. SimplePlay and my booking agent (Alex Bowen) have been a huge part of my recent success. The biggest thing pushing my career forward is my music though. Most of the time when I produce a mash-up I try and make sure it is unique in that no one has probably heard anything like it before and to me that is the key towards success in being unique. ..... ”

“Check out this heavy hit from Perry Gaffney Jr.. This takes a song, that I personally find mediocre, and turns it into one of the biggest, banging, bass bumpin’ beats I have heard in a long time. Damn, son. What I like about it is that it has that dubstep feel, but doesn’t get stuck in the “dubstep” rhythm. What I mean by that, is, there are plenty of places where the beat drops, but it doesn’t get into that “glitch” state that feels very “electronic”. This mashup really focuses on that hard hitting beat which really keep the attention of the audience. This mashup is very original and was fucking awesome to listen to. Great shit!”