PermaSmile / Press

"I loved that song that has no ending yet. I didn't want it to end." - (... into the Green SHAG!)

Cristina Amador-Perez - Facebook

"Permasmile is ridiculously good!!! "

Kate Estes (Jaiguru) - Facebook

“This has got to be one of my fav's cool tune bro! Like it a lot! (Lazarus)”

John McKinney (NuMiC) - Facebook

"We are proud to announce the addition of PermaSmile to our already impressive roster of bands! These guys are writing some deceptively dark tunes under the guise of rock and roll, and recently put on an EXCELLENT performance at the Rock Island Brewing Company!"

Gentle Edward Records - Facebook

"Amazing!!! Excellent music! Magnificent vocals! Absolutely fantastic! I'm a fan. Peace & Love always*"

Ryo Utasato - Reverbnation

"Your music gives me Goosebumps!!! That says more than words!! Keep doing what your doing!!!"

Gina Siebring - Facebook

“......"Just writing to update the world on the awesomeness of Permasmile. They are truely pure undiscovered geniuses and their art must be unleashed upon the world. They took part last night in the battle of the bands at RIBCO and they deserve to win hands down. I didn't stay for the results but if they lost there is something seriously wrong with the world. Some of the highpoints were the facinating lyrics. Topics included surviving radiation and a rather humorous tale of an ungentlemanly date. Heat delivered the introduction to the song flawlessly. He truely is "the illusive", Dr. Heat. Well done fellas!!!”

Justin Peterson - Facebook

"My name is Dennis Ferrand and I approve this song." (Breathe)

NOBLE - Facebook


The Havenites - Facebook

"You guys sound like your having fun!! Poppin Wheelies LOVE IT!!!! " Bill


"PermaSmile I am impressed by the quality of your work: powerful, smart, and creative. You are very talented." TheSea

RN Fan - ReverbNation

"You guys are awesome!"

Hounds & Horns - Reverbnation

"very excellent band you have - enjoyed all the songs. peace and thanks."

Bums & Derelicts - Reverbnation

“(Tsunami) "Very eclectic. Really nice combination of harmonies & catchy licks."”

Natha Ohlinger - Facebook

"The song “Gemini” is by far one of the great­est tes­ta­ments to a rocky rela­tion­ship with a crazy per­son I’ve ever heard. "

Jax Anger - The Torch Music Review

"Breathe is freaking epic! Listened to it 3 times today already."

Kyrie Babbitt - FaceBook

" PermaSmile rel­ishes in build­ing a feel­ing of being stoned out of your gourd with­out hav­ing inhaled any sub­stance at all. "

Jax Anger - Ferris State Torch

"The fact that PermaSmile hops from garage punk to psychedelic to ballads without losing anything in the translation bodes well for the future, especially if they continue to utilize lead guitarist Chad Ramsey as well as they do on “Ghost.”

“Poppin Wheelies-great intro - lots of rockin fun-can tell you guys really are tight musicians! Thanks for checking us out as well! ”

Artist - Route64 - Reverb Nation

"Ghost" is an awesome tune !

Neal Sears - Quad City Musicians, Facebook

"Really like "Ghost" awesome vibe"

Spookifish - Reverb Nation

"While listening to your music again, wishing the best to you and your great composition. Best luck and millions of fans."

A&P, I&SON - Reverbnation


Will Sayles - ReverbNation

"I think it's great... love the guitar! Can't wait to hear the cd!"

Megan - Facebook

"Check 'em out! Good stuff right here!"

Music Tsunami

"Check out my friends band! They so rawk!! (I have fab taste in music, I wouldn't recommend them otherwise! lol) =-) =-D"

Alisha Wadden - Facebook

"Great stuff!"

Sue - Facebook

"Love it!"

Bart Howell - Facebook

"PermaSmile kicks ass!!!"

Patrick Whitty - Facebook

"I Love Gemini! Its my new favorite song!"

Catherine - Facebook

"Sounds KILLER!"

James Halsne - Facebook

"Listening to Gemini right now, I like it!"

Wally Zelinski - Facebook