Permanent Ability / Press

"Permanent Ability is AMAZINGLY talented, with great songs, and an excellent live show!"

Producer Jim Wirt

“Permanent Ability keeps the funk alive!!!”

Lige Curry of Parliament Funkadelic

“This band is awesome! An upbeat and high energetic band that bring top 90’s alternative and funk music back to style. The second new album rocks and it’s clearly some fresh new music to start with and with catchy lyrics. Two of the most related bands I can match them up with are Incubus with their lead vocalist and Rage Against the Machine with their uplifting-running style." ”

Abe Gonzalez of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

"Cool songs that deserve industry exposure."

Columbus Dispatch

"Permanent Ability's sophomore effort promises to titillate even the pickiest of listeners. "Girls" would make the Beastie Boys proud, and "Sex Junkie" should be every teenaged boy's anthem!"

Dawn Fichera of Antimusic.com

"Permanent Ability has put their stamp on that old school funk-rock music that is menacing with energy. They are one of those bands you hear once, and your instantly a fan because of their catchy songs. If I had an award for the best interview for 2008 Permanent Ability would be at the top."

"There may only be four bad ass songs on the EP, but trust me each song is a hit and insanely catchy. Say goodbye to all that emo crap and make some room for something new. Permanent Ability is where to start!"

““Permanent Ability has an original sound that you don't hear often anymore; with "old school" pop and slap bass grooves that will have you on your feet jamming along. They are entertaining and full of energy with intense live shows that set them far apart from the competition.””

Stella Star - Corruption Magazine

"Permanent Ability is a fresh upcoming band with highly energetic stage shows, as well as, that killer funk you in the ear sound. They successfully dug up the fossil of funk and brought it back to LA."

James Lee - The Gig in Hollywood