Perfume (USA) / Press

“Apparently, Twitter is a time machine, because I became acquainted with a band that came right out of the flannel-filled days of 1993; Perfume. With the chorus-laden distorted guitars and the garbled, raspy vocals and heavy song structure, there is no way these guys could be from anywhere else than from Seattle.”

"Perfume opened the bill. I wasn’t familiar with this band until tonight, but I really liked them. I’m not into the hipster folk stuff that’s become Seattle’s chief audible export lately. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not my thing. If I’m going to stay awake until 4am after two hours of sleep (my reality on Saturday), I need fifth chords run through a healthy dose of gain blasted into my cranium. Perfume fit this bill just nicely. They play heavy yet melodic tunes powered by a singer whose voice I quite like. I’m definitely going to see these guys again."

“Seattle band Perfume play the mixtape's Back Door Sessions (Interview & Live Performance @ KIRO FM, Seattle, WA)”

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