Perfect Mark / Press

“‘Footprints’ kicks things off sounding like classic R.E.M. with its jangling guitars and thundering bass, it’s a confident opener and a strong piece of rock that sets out Perfect Mark’s stall in a way that shows what to expect.”

“Flesh & Voice naturally revolves around Perfetti’s incredible vocal ability and gift of arrangements. The album is equally powerful as it is intimate thanks to the musician’s sense of balance in song dynamic and structure. If need be, the style could be boiled down to pop rock, but in the sense that pop rock was a fulfilling palette of artists such as Tonic, Incubus, and Fair to Midland. [...] Flesh & Voice is an artful collection any way you slice it. For those looking for more substance and integrity in their contemporary music, Perfect Mark hits the mark.”

"The pop-rock songwriting is sophisticated in the way it blends loud and soft, dark and shade. My favourite aspect of Perfect Mark’s music is that each song blends soft acoustic melodies with punchy, aggressive rock. This blend is done both instrumentally and vocally. It shows the versatility Marco has as a vocalist that his voice is equally suited to singing gentle ballads as it is to gritty rock anthems. "

"...they really have a grasp on the type of music they want to play and the style they want to evoke to their listening audience, who will definitely find that one unique characteristic that sets them apart immensely from other acts."

"“Flesh and voice”, as announced by the title, it’s a result of an almost physical passion for the music that starts from the guts to reach the throat, where it can find a chance to express itself."