Peregrine Perspective / Press

“Minneapolis band Peregrine Perspective registers pretty familiar on the college jam-rock scale. Yes, a lot of the familiar elements are there: lingering build ups that reel in over the five- and six-minute mark, drawn out mid-song breakdowns, a sitar player, a vocalist chanting out vaguely cult-y seance-prayer vocals... this is, surprisingly, well-worn territory. At some point, though, when the scene gets over crammed with watered down alt-rock outfits, it’s fun to watch the visceral jam bands come in to tip the scale back. Peregrine Perspective is, at this point, the kind of band that sounds like a well-executed basement jam session, and if not carried out for too long, that can be fun. Whether or not anyone should be paying more than a few dollars to see them at this point is debatable. Who knows, though, this might be a band in chrysalis, and one with hooky psychedelic tunes rooted in something more concrete just around the corner.”