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Percival/Percival Schuttenbach
is a musical group which includes several projects. Projects vary mostly in instruments and repertoire.
The main project. Everything has started from it, 10 years ago. Mostly, it's rock and folk playing with classical, electronical and other elements. For many years Percival Schuttenbach's music has been changing along with changes of musicians.

* Currently it represents the New Wave of Polish Heavy Folk -this name was created by the band itself (analogically to New Wave of Brithis Heavy Metal), although there was never the old one nor any wave of polish heavy folk (but who cares?)
* Keywords: folk, paganity, energy.

Percival Schuttenbach is created by:

* Mikolaj Rybacki (electric guitar, saz, mandoline, plucked string instruments, vocal)
* Katarzyna Bromirska (electric cello, Byzantine lyre, accordion, flutes, vocal)
* Joanna Lacher (vocal, bass guitar, other)
* Milena Skalska (vocal, Kaos Pad 2 & Reloop)
* Andrzej Mikityn (drum set, percussion instruments)

Czytaj więcej: http://www.myspace.com/percivalschuttenbach#ixzz11ZSySDTB

General Info

Band Members
* Mikołaj Rybacki (gitara, saz, mandolina, instr. szarpane, wokal) * Katarzyna Bromirska (wiolonczela, rebec, akordeon, flety, wokal) * Joanna Lacher (
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Percival Schuttenbach
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Metal / Folk / Folk Rock

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Poznan, PL