Per Bronco / Press

“Pasting a few comments from listeners on Reverb Nation here. Thank you!”

Per Bronco - .

“Eight Legged Doug has really pretty guitars and fun lyrics 😀 Following on Twitter and checking out your YouTube now 🎵🎹🎵”

Christine Lee - Reverb Nation

“Voice of intrigue to the backdrop of well crafted compositions! Your music is inspiring and thought provoking to say the least... great work Per Bronco!”

Adam Nicholson - Reverb Nation

"Celebration" is wonderful - super strong tune, lovely vocals and backing - accomplished guitar and terrific production.

Chris Ingram - Reverb Nation

“Great tunes..of course, I am partial to Lost Paradise, due to the mention of my name:) but it is a great song:)”

Gina Spiro Kessler - Reverb Nation

“ALIEN STARDUST...cosmically crafted and masterfully grooved.”

david namerow - Reverb Nation

"A Solid Hole" left me somewhat speechless. You wrote my life. As soon as I think I am through w/ filling them in...there are more to be filled & I feel like a fool..it is never ending..I dig your take on matters & the music style is very cool...good guitar work also. gjm/wtj

Will Tommy Jones - Reverb Nation

“I'm getting that John Lennon vibe... very nice!”

sleeping dogs lie - Reverb Nation

“Really like Alien Lady Stardust! Really enchanting melody and arrangement!”

Dan Sheets - Reverb Nation

“I love your pop sound with its expressive lyrics, and chord progressions!”

Rose Lisa - Reverb Nation

“Great music. So exceptional work. Much more.... Jardin du Luxembourg - Awesome. All the best - Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos”

Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos - Reverb Nation