PepperDome / Press

“Pepperdome seems to ignite some sort of crazy music demon in me.”

"This is one band who aren't easily pigeonholed into sounding like anyone or conforming to anyone's expectations."

"The band cultivates a sound on False Words About Large Days that links together rock bands with sounds as disparate as Ween, Primus, Suicidal Tendencies, and the Butthole Surfers."

“I hear the music and imagine clowns, jesters, and jugglers with dark garments and evil grins bouncing about a sawdust circle.”

“Interview with John for Chaos Point”

“It just has a rock solid, full tilt indie rock groove to it that is highly original & unpredictable in nature.”

“They are way to bizarre not to like.”

"Chaos Point is a decent romp through hard/alt-rock, with quirky, if not memorable, lyrics and certainly enough passion to prove they mean it."

"PepperDome is playing to the tune of uniqueness and creativity that would be hard to duplicate. You've got substance, you have guitar playing and drumming that are crazy good and finally you get PepperDome making a Chaos Point of no return."

"After reviewing thousands of different releases over the course of the last 12 years, it becomes extraordinarily difficult to find releases that are innovative or different from the normal in any substantive way. However, the six pieces that comprise "Chaos Point" paint a picture of a band that marches to a considerably different drummer."

“Pepperdome’s Let’s Try the Other Side is a screaming wake up call to society.”


““…PepperDome has created a hard rock sound here that is edgy, but all the while the songs pump nothing but positive messages. So, the world of hard rock can unite with positivity."”