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PepeluX / Press

“Wishing " PEPELUX " a super weekend in music land..........Charles Mar 23”

“PEPELUX WE'RE PERPLEXED!!!! Hey it's SiK 1, guitarist from S.T.D. loving your sound!! If U need a good laugh check out our new video for the morning song!! Peace SiK 1 Mar 22”

“City hunter rocks! Great sound you have here! Thanks for fanning DC Villains. Mar 21”

“Feeling the music...check the page when u get a chance...Certified Mar 18”

“Thanx so much for becoming a fan of mine!!.....listened to your songs and loved them also...so fanned you back !! Mar 18”

“Enjoying your feature track, Have a great ST. Patrick's Day Mar 17”

“There is not a song on this place list that doesn't belong here.They all are fantastic......Charles Mar 17”

"City Hunter" - Smokin' keys, beat, and vocals! Mar 15

“visiting today to catch up with more of the great music we love..you have our unending admiration and support. love and praises from London. Mar 15”

“Like I'm in the Rave. Thank you brother. Mar 14”

“ ABOI DOYLE: good music ! Mar 12”

“Outstanding song list and have listened to them all.......Charles Mar 11”

“Enjoyin your superb music! Have a great weekend! Mar 10”

“Me encanta tu interés por la música, se nota que te apasiona Gracias amigo Excelente curro Todo el amor desde Madrid Mar 10”

“Hi Pepelux , Great sounds here , Higgs :)) Mar 10”

“Can't decide what to play,push the play all button,that's what I did and enjoyed everyone of them. Mar 10”

“Listening to "Vampire Dog" - Too Cool! Mar 09”

“Excellent....great work...all the best...bb. Mar 09”

“We really like the video and music! Mar 08”

“always a pleasure! Mar 07”

“nice sound Mar 06”

“Great videos. Futuristic. Cal. Mar 06”

“Wishing "PEPELUX " and all of his fans a fabulous weekend in music land. Mar 02”

“Enjoying your playlist Mar 01”

“If your looking for the best of the best,your here. Mar 01”

“original groovy 6 tracks listened here,love the ambience,good work,i'll be back for more !!! succe$$$$$$,stay creative...alien visit and support:-) Feb 28”

“Thanks for fanning me back. Nice idea to mix electronic music with metal. I added myself to your facebook page and I added you on myspace. Feb 28”

“the perfect music to kick back to during an afternoon's hiatus from a busy mixing schedule...got my lemon ginger tea, got your top tunes..all is well in London today!! Love and Praises my friend. Feb 28”

“Excellent music here!! - Rich :) Feb 28”

“Great on fire wild creativity and sound on "City Hunter" brother!!! Feb 23”

“Cool tunes...cool pic!!! Feb 22”

“Great artwork and great music.....Cheers from Los Estados Unidos.....Te Cuida!!! Feb 22”

“Trippy cool stuff-killer, checked out your music and one of your videos-killer sweet!!!! Feb 19”

“Hi there! Welcome among our friends! Rock ON! - ABSINTHIUM - Feb 17”

“Real cool music in here. Superb music to start the weekend with! Feb 17”

“we give Love for your support and friendship and Praises for your creative skills and wicked good music. Hoping you've had a productive and safe week! Feb 15”

“Real cool music in here and love the artwork. Superb! Feb 14”

“Very cool Beats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feb 13”

“If your looking for the best of the best,your here...... Feb 03”

“Great creativity and mix on "City Hunter" bro!!! Feb 03”

“Great creativity and mix on "City Hunter" bro!!! Feb 03”

“Superb electronica, very atmospheric but also powerful and funky. Enjoying the mixture of beats and guitar riff in City Hunter. Feb 03”

“PEPINAWER PROJECT 001, killer track among many Feb 02”

“wild wild crazy sound Feb 01”

“Great sounds and beats pushing out fantastic vibes. Feb 01”

“The "(New) Vampire Dog" is rocking the house as always Bro! Jan 29”

“awesome sound guys "city hunter" outstanding Jan 28”

“'my name is...' headph! great wild thick sound, strings and all the rest , great drums , massive 70uta7 to ya! Jan 28”

“i am now a fan!! come listen 2 a song or 2 an fan back if u like what you hear were out here workn an branchen cincinnati in the house 2012 Jan 27”

“Enoch: Thanks for the supporto! Really cool music here! We too love electronic music, City Hunter kills!!!”

“Love the twist on the elctronic music. Your tracks sound great! Thanks for fanning and commenting! Jan 25”

“Mi gran amigo sevillano, me encanta tu musica !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! como va lo de ser padre !! seguro que no se puede describir .... ;))) saludos cordiales desde Valenci< Jan 22”

“much respect to your excellent work and music Jan 20”

“Thanks for the support! We're Deadpool fans too. Jan 17”

“groovy ! Jan 13”

“Excellent tracks, thanks for all your support Jan 12”

“dear Pepelux...am now addicted to your chemical beatz!!! PEINAWER PROJECT 001 * rocking so. fla * Patricia :)♥ Jan 11”

“Good concepts, I hope this new year brings you great things. - DM Jan 11”

“Muchas gracias amigo! Megusta tus canciones y tu tienes muchas canciones que son magnificos! Felicitaciones de El Bomba de tiempo KA-BOOOOOOOM! Jan 11”

“What a great place for outlaws to hang out at! We'll be visiting often!! Jan 11”


“Great rocking sound brother!!! Jan 11”

“`*•.✽: CITY HUNTER IS AMAZING MY SWEET FRIEND •*`*•.¸•*✻♥ Jan 11”

“Yaaaaa!!!!!!! LOVE it!! Jan 11”


“You are among the best of the best and I have great love and respect for your musical works Jan 11”

" Arrows Rain" totally original and incredibly now!!! Love you work Pepelux! Big Cheers from So. Fla * Patricia :)♥ Jan 11

“Awesome sounds bro! Greetings from THE TIME BOMB KA-BOOOOOOOM! Jan 10”


“These tracks sound amazing with headphones!! Jan 10”

"City Hunter" fantastic creative work! big cheers from so. fla * Patricia:)♥ Jan 10

“Rocking your page, regards Jan 08”

“'vAMPIRE DOG' THAT IS FUNKY HEADPHONES ON! VERY COoL CHANGES and a guitar kicks in! very shake that body , creative! Jan 07”

“Me encantan las canciones! Super!! MJ Jan 06”

“`*•.✽: amor amigo amor por la música ★  °   . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .   °  . ● .° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★• ○ ° ¸. * ● ¸ .° ☾ °. ● ★  ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .   °  . ● .° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★• ○ ° ¸. * ● ¸ .° ☾ °. ● ★  ° :.  .... Jan 05”

“Total party time! Your music is great and I can't get enough of "Vampire Dog." Awesome! Jan 05”

“Dropping by to hear music from my favorite Musician..You ROCK pepe and i have no doubt your Children will follow suit ;) Congratulations on becoming a daddy. Hugs as always my wonderful friend xx Jan 05”

“~keep~up~the~good~muzic Jan 03”

“Hola electronico, suena muy bien tu música, nuestros mejores deseos para ti en 2012 Dec 31”

“stopping in today for some of the best music on RN!! Dec 30”


“I appreciate your help with the contest and I am looking forward to checking out some more of your music. Comic Book Chic at its Finest !!! Dec 27”


“`*•.✽: HEY SWEETNESS ★  °   . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .   °  . ● .° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★• ○ ° ¸. * ● ¸ .° ☾ °. ● ★  ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .   °  . ● .° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★• ○ ° ¸. * ● ¸ .° ☾ °. ● ★  ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .... Dec 27”

“Thanks ~ Hoping yours was as good as your music!! All the best, Andrew Dec 27”

“~ Ben ...: Here's hoping 2012 is your most fulfilling & best year ever. Peace love & respect . Ben Vandagriff a.k.a. The Altruistic Messiah Dec 26”

“♥ Happy Holidays, peaceful, warm and safe ~ to you and those you love ! ♥ Monica Dec 25”

“It's an excellent day it's as good as your music !!!! It is a pleasure visiting your page and listining to your tunes !!! MERRY XMAS -------- -- -- -- greetings DJ ANTONIO -- -- -- ------------ EN ESPAÑOL FELIZ NAVI... Dec 24”

“Really feelin' the energy in your trax, great vibes. Keep pushing, don't stop. Dec 23”

“fabulous soundz ... love your work Dec 22”

“I'm about 13 songs into your list and your energy level is outstanding !!! I'm going to hang out for another 7 :) ~ Foxman Dec 21”

“Excellent work ! You are VERY talented Pepelux !! I love the comic book slant too ! Keep Rockin !! ~ Foxman Dec 21”

“Four days to go and then we'll see, what St Nick has left 'neath Xmas trees, but the greatest gift for us we'd say, is leaving your music to play all day!! Dec 21”

“City Hunter is awesome Dec 19”

“`*•.✽: ✻♥*•.¸ •*`*•HAPPY HOLIDAYS✻♥•*`*•.¸•*✻♥✻♥*•.¸ •*`✻♥•*`*•.¸•*✻♥ Dec 18”

“Great Tunes Dec 17”

“ BLACK LUNG: Good friend your music it runs itself clear of taint (;\m/;) it is great to hear some style greatest kind words of courage so fearful in its potentialities your music and your band rocks intolerant talent necessary for the triumph of a future rebel Infernal hails horns up wishing you a happy week ________666666666666666______ ______6666___________6666______ ____666_6_____________6__666___ __666__666_________666___666___ _666_____6666_____6666____666__ 666_______6__66666__66______666 66________66_66666__6________66 66________666_____666_______666 66______6666______66666______66 66____66___66_____66____66___66 66_6666666666666666666666666_66 666_________66___6___________66 _666_________6__66_________666_ __666________6666_________666__ ____666_______666_______666____ ______66666____6_____6666______”

“Your future engagements in music will be so (:\m/;)successful groovy sounds strong winds in good music is Do not give up so easily this band rocks! Want to know the secret to happiness Your Music Is Cool extraordinary compassion Video Plays =7 reflected honesty is one of the pleasures of life to love and support all genres of music! Infernal Evil Hails Horns Up Real Life Society! ........................................ .........$..........................................$..... ........$$..........................................$$.... ........$$........................................$$...... ..........$$S.................................S$$........ ............$$$$.........................$$$$.......... ..............³$$$$..¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶..$...$$$³............. ................³$$$$..¶¶¶¶¶¶..$$$$³..............”

“thx for the love! Like what your doing yo! Dec 16”

“Awesome!!! Great sounds and beat!! Cheers, Wayne Dec 16”

“Back for some more killer vibes my friend Dec 14”

“get some.........cause this is some bad ass metal Dec 13”

“Had to come back and listen to the best of the best .Has anybody seen my "Vampire Dog"? Dec 13”

“This is M16 NI99A, showing you much love. RESPECT IS DUE 2 U BROTHER,BIG UP NI99A!! BBBRRRAAAPPP!!BBRRRAAAPP!! I became a fan and joined your mailing list,Please return the LOVE MY NI99A. YO,I GOT 140 F... Dec 13”

“We all come from Space Pepelux!! Love it ~ Andrew Dec 10”

“¿ Como va eso ? saludos , y muchos recuerdos, todo un numero 1, ya papa ? ;))) Dec 09”

“Here to show returned support, I love what you do, keep up the good music. I will always be back for more. ( A true fan... TBN ..d-_-b.. ) Stop by my page, drop a comment and join me on facebook and twitter.. Dec 07”

“been stuck for a couple of days with my brain going into meldtown trying to write this damn Xmas song..harder than it looks..what the hell rhymes with "bauble"? Anyway, need a well-earned break from that nonsense with ... Dec 07”

“ The Fabulous Del Counts: +++++++++++ ROCK MY WORLD ++++++++++ Dec 06”

“Con mucho respeto. You rock! Dec 04”

“i've had a noisy Vampire Dog keeping me up all night..cuddly lilttle fella, but he does drain me!! (all jokes courtesy of World's Worst JokeWriter.com) Nov 03”

“Green Goblin may be over my head but PEPINAWER PROJECT 001 is inside ~ love the rhythms! Nov 02”

“Boo ! Happy Halloween my Pepelux !!! Oct 31”

“vampire dog groovin like a mutha fuya you damn right rockin some RED Oct 31”

“thanks! great stuff! keep rockin \m/ Oct 27”

“Nice tracks, i like ur flow!!! Oct 26”

“short and sweet..love what you do, will always do what we can to support and encourage you to create more great music. Hugs and respect from London! Oct 25”

“...Vampire Dog...big big cheer...thank's for love and share...<3...your punky angel was here...xoxox... Oct 23”

“Vampire Dog ~ Yes!! All the best, Andrew Oct 23”

“ArroWS Rain rocks dude!!! Oct 22”

“☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞Have a Rocking Weekend Pepelux☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜ ☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮.Peace!.☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮ Oct 21”

“Don't forget to feed the Vampire Dog! Oct 21”

"Dani Dante": loving the page, GREAT music! i fanned you & followed you on twitter, please return the favor! :D God Bless xoxo

“Feelin your electronica style! Wish you the best of success! - Joo Quen Oct 20”

“getting some serious groove and rockin vibes off "my name is elektra"...kicking some serious kunoichi ass! Oct 19”

“Good Looks Man! Thanks FOr The Love Oct 18”

“I like your music. Isa Oct 13”

“dope vibe and sound....keep up the great work....SoundSlayer Oct 03”

“Vampire dog spellbinding...love the guitar-beat is blastin......song is..........RED Oct 01”

“Great Tracks :) Sep 30”

“Saludos Amigo. Por aquí pasando por una buena inyección de Adrenalina. Fortuna Pepelux! Sep 29”

“Very best to you!! Sep 28”

“*** digitalmixta...: your music rocks hard.. got me blowin bud off it...lol Sep 28”

“Hello, I have been away for a couple of days, Some minor heath issues that popped up, But I'm fine and back to spend time with my talented amazing friends. Listening to your music has always been the highlight of my day...”

"Let's Go.." Back in for more of these massive big-beat rockin tunes..just love "they come from the space". pesky little groove-aliens!! Sep 20

“Hello Vampire Dog from Colorado! Sep 17”

“Just chillin with the best of the best on Reverbnation today. Have a wonderful Friday Sep 16”

“Awesome music!!♥♥♥ Sep 13”

“Greeting from the U.S. Your music is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 11”

“Powerful and fun music. Really enjoy it. Sep 11”

“Gran sonido! Ritmasooo!!! Sep 08”

"CUZ I GOT THE STUFF" Dig the sounds Sep 03

“that is a real F%$&# goood eletronic music! Greetings from Sao Paulo Brazil~Zen Sep 02”

“pinksideofthemoon they come from space ~ loving the energy pepelux Sep 02”

“Greetings my talented friend! Listening to your excellent tracks this morning....Rich D. Sep 02”

“The rhythmic riffs and sonic stylings of PepeluX are as superhuman as the characters that inspire the material. Quite awesome! Sep 01”

“Thanks man. City Hunter is dope, I'm playin' it right now. Sep 01”

“AH is liking your sound makes a sweet change from the roar of rotorblades and 50cals overhead... Aug 31”

“Andrew Austin: All City Hunters are now advised to carry red lanterns ~”

“Queueing up a couple of your songs...Find you interesting. Richard”

“just lovin that big crunchy riff on Arrows Rain..nice distorted beeps and breakbeatish loops in the middle. Shiny Cool!!”

“Music sucks without PEPELUX !!! ; D ~”

“Great Music and sound, fantastic production and work,..love it”


“oleee los artistas buenosss”

“hey! good music from Sevilla...thanks Pépé”

“Awesome cuts man!!!”

“back for more, cause the music is so good!! Have a rockin weekend my friend!”

“Back to listen some of your tracks, great work! thanks , best wishes”

"Vampire Dog" is awesome ! Love the beats and the energy on it..keep up the good work "

“Some very trippy cuts here, great talent. We like it all. Be back for more. Thanks for your kind words and support. Damn I can't stop my feet! YEAH!”

“Just passing thru to say Hi and take a listen to your wonderful music THANKYOU FOR SHARING”


“Wow, love your music !”

“Been a while so good to hear your music again PepeluX!! Hoping all's well, Andrew Aug 06”

“Big drums, electronics, crunchy guitar and superheroes....now that is winnining combination for a soundtrack for liberal democratic imperialism..!!! Hoorah! Aug 06”

“back here for to listen...love this punky new Vampire Dog...have a beautiful weekend...much love...your punky angel...xoxoxox”

“That Vampire Dog is still chomping at the bit..always a thrill to listen to your wicked tunes!!”

“taking another listen..getting our teeth into your Vampire Dog!!”

“awesome electronic and rock sound to "Vampire Dog."”

“Sounds great Jul 26”

“thank's for love and share....fantastic sounds here...just listen...Vampire Dog....big big cheers...much love...your punky angel...xoxox”


“I'm sure there's gonna be one unpleasant surprise before we're done PepeluX!! Been a while so good to be back, Andrew”

“Hot Trax Bro. Real Energetic Feel. Luvin The Whole Vibe. Keep Making That Hot Stuff. Best Wishes”

“Very imaginative and VERY cool.”

“Psycho-delica my brotha!! heavy beats, trippin sounds and COSMIC creativity oozing out of my speakers!! GOTHIC WARRIOR RULZ!!! Maximus11:11”

“Howdy From Austin Texas. This music has an urgency that demands attention. There are many players in the Dance field but this groove on the bottom sheds light on the top down nature of the PEPELUX vision and sound. Wade”

“Kick ass beats! Cool work PepeluX”

“otra visita para escuchar tus joyas,felicidades por estos temas tan bien paridos. Jul 09”

“Yeah! Sick beats man!!”

“Great music! Really suits the genre. Keep up the great work! Helen Rae”

“Awesome groove going on here!!”

“51 songs!!Damn your productive!!Very well written and performed music!!Ive heard a few songs now and I love the mix of genres and production!Keep up the great work!Peace,L Jul 06”

“Great mix and production!!!”

“O yes slammin choonage here thumbs up from the UK. Jun 27”

“This is really good !!!!! Jul 01”

“This is so badass! Jun 30”

“Great Tracks \m/ Jun 27”

“Interesting music! Nice voice. Jun 26”

“ULTRA-FANTASTIC-cybertronic-mezmerizing GOTHIC WARRIOR .....i give it an 11”

&quot;MAX-METAL-RADIO&quot; - Reverbnation

“Listening to Vampire Dog. Had to I still own a copy of Zoltan the hound of Dracular.”

HIDEOUS RED - Reverbnation

“Very creative. Love it, man. Excellent. Smokin' hot...Richard”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“it's been a while, but it feels like the right time of day to give Pepelux a good long listen!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“exciting and original sounds. Killer production.”

&quot;anonymous lee&quot; - Reverbnation

“stopping by to listen to your wonderful music THANKYOU FOR SHARING”

Cuban Conection Ent. - Reverbnation

“Caught your first four tracks PepeluX ~ all good!!! Will be back, Best wishes, Andrew”

Andrew Austin - Reverbnation

“Mad respect for what you are doing, friend. I think it is absolutely incredible that you are the sole artist behind the works. Cheers!”

Orrery - Reverbnation

“awesome stuff! unbreakable insane tunes. strong tracks, love em! it's big blows, fan you. great collections. cheers from Indonesia! -LunariaN-”

LunariaN - Reverbnation

“Many thanks for your kind words. We like "They come from space"....is it about us...haha! Your profile picture reminds us that we once wrote a song called "Guy Gardner's Boots!" we must resurrect that for you!”

Vbu - Reverbnation

“Great on fire creativity brother!!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Excellent Work :)”

“Sounding excellent my talented friend!”

Bon Ton Key Club - Reverbnation

“Awesome tracks!Love it! Just$♥ ♥ ♥”

Just Soll - Reverbnation

“cheers Pepelux, cool sounds, join us on facebook here, and then we'll return the favour, http://www.facebook.com/conductors”

Conductors - reverbnation

“Coool tunes of yourS! A great mix! :)”

Together Alone - reverbnation

“Todo el mundo es que se desnudan mientras escuchamos su música muy alta !!! ; D ~ ”

The Altruistic Messiah ~ Ben Vandagriff - Reverbnation

“yo dude!!!.just ash here.just adding ya to the collective!!”

SAPPHIRE WOLF: - Reverbnation

“The Altruistic Messiah ~Everyone at my Surf City Ashram/Asylum simply LOVES PEPELUX !!!!!”


“PepeluX your new release Dark rain is schweet... like eating chocolate off a razor \,,/ Keep Creating!! <3 your artistry ~ Michelle Thorn”

Tribitual - Reverbnation

“Your music is awesome!! please check out my music and give me your honest opinion! thanks and GOD bless-Chris”

Chris Solesbee - Reverbnation

“PepeluX, hello! My favorite track of yours is straight up Vampire Dog \m/ tell me Pepe. Who bit the dog? And was it a bitch? I know there is a story behind the song.. you should answer my questions... I am a dangerous lass when my mind if left to wander ,.., Michelle Thron Tribitual ”

Tribitual - Reverbnation

“I really like the guitars in the mix. Fun creative good flow I wish you lived in the US you would be a great act to tour with”

Ravana - Reverbnation

“i like, i like, great work my man. Much Love from Sydney Australia!!!!”

Antoine Saint Pierre - Reverbnation

“Great production! Keep up da good job mate! Congrats!”

Archangels - Reverbnation

“Hello PepeLux Love the mix of Electronica with big distorsion guitars. Very original and good works ! Keep on. See you later. :o) Thank you for add us. Welcome ! All the best, J”

Woodoo Prod - Reverbnation

“You'r trax are awesome!!!!/Jaki Song”

Jaki Song - Reverbnation

“Dig the industrial style on “Vampire Dog”….made me wanna smash up stuff……..”

Eric M Combs ( EMC1 ) - Reverbnation


Jamikeken - Reverbnation


PRESTIGIOUZ - Reverbnation

“thnx. Good music ! just keep it ! much love Krem'nto”

Krem&#39;nto - Reverbnation

“Saludos Pepelux... muy buen tema "City Hunter" I like your music!! buen finde.. from DJ ANTONIO.”

DJ Antonio - Reverbnation

“Stopping by to say hello...and crank up your awesome music!! All the best for the New Year! Peace, Joe”

Joe Gande - Reverbnation

“hey whats up great music”

amoney - Reverbnation

“Buenas temas Pepe!Buen estilo ;)! Regards, ZEUS”

ZEUS - Reverbnation

“Fantastically creative :-)”

41 Miles - Reverbnation

“Great creativity my friend!!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Hi. Thanks for the compliment. Digging your stuff too. Really enjoying ploughing through it all.”

Autopsy Boys - Reverbnation

“Ese tema de My name es Elektra!!!!!!bueno bueno”

DREDD - Reverbnation

“ Hannu Lepisto I wanna go clubbing and dancing. Your music makes me wanna dance! Great - Keep it up! Greetings from Helsinki, Hannu”

Hannu Lepisto - Reverbnation

“best wishes from the twenty eleven's from yah ninjahs, good stuff btw”

6ninjahs.com - Reverbnation

“Love this....Amazing Energy!! Sweet Sounds!!”

Trice Jacobs - Reverbnation

“Overall good music :) showing mad love & respect 1..@JDiablo”

JTB - Reverbnation

“hot trks beat are composed with good vibe and energy.”

BOBBY GUTTA - Reverbnation

“Great sound!”

Nichole - Reverbnation

“Hola Amigo! Your Dragon-song is really great!”

Gylepomp - Reverbnation

“Love the trax!! They are original and diverse, Metal + Electro+ Awesome!! You are Unique! That's what I am trying to say here :D!!/Jaki Song”

Jaki Song - Reverbnation

“Dude you freakin got it goin on bro!! awesome mix of heavy guitars and freaky beats !!!!”

&quot;ANGEL-FIRE&quot; - Reverbnation

“AWESOME! I like!!!”

Fetal Zombie - Reverbnation

“Buen finde!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaah!! I like your music!! eres una makina para mi el mejor...”

DJ Antonio - Reverbnation

“Great beats and energy on your tunes my friend!!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Greetings from TEXAS! Love your sounds and beats!”

James Ferris - Reverbnation

“Nice tracks!”

Fetal Zombie - Reverbnation

“•̪̀●́ [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥...: ╠╣ A █▄ █▄ (O) •̪̀●́ PepeluX●́ ICH SAGE DANKE [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]”

•̪̀●́ Marithopia - Reverbnation

“WHOA dude SPEED DEMONS FANTASTIC CREATION!! You are jus full of inspirational riffs+chemical BEATS!!”

ROCK HARD FITNESS - Reverbnation

“great deep beats!!! cool for dancing:)”

lady zuse - Reverbnation

“Tremendous sound! Great! Rebecca”

Rebecca - Reverbnation

“PEPELUX's "City Hunter" is wild and powerful; makes me bounce my head over and over again! Good one Bro! CMon”

CMongrooves - Reverbnation

“Very hard,nicely executed productions pepelux,keep It up!”

Timmy Matrixx &amp; Dappa Don Producers/Remixers - Reverbnation

“Tremendous sound.Great guitar sound with very energetic beats and bad ass bassSilence:e Tremendous sound.Great guitar sound with very energetic beats and bad ass bass”

The Silence - Reverbnation

"My Name is Elektra" is really great, at close to 1:00 AM, and it's like a lightning wall.

Str8 Sounds - Reverbnation

“Very cool sounds and emotions on "City Hunter" Very Nice!!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Hi Pepelux! Very good music!Wish you the best!!!”

B612musicall production team - Reverbnation

“Great sounds here. I just love "City Hunter"”

Aotea Sound Lab - Reverbnation

“I stopped in to your site and had a good time and wish you only the best and here on Reverbnation too !!!!!! Great Job, Your friend, Justin Langston”

Justin Langston - Reverbnation

“: hola pepelux, grant rabajo aqui y en facebook... sigamos en contacto”

Cyborg Music - Reverbnation

“PEPINAWER PROJECT 001 Rocks the House Brother! POWERFUL and GROOVY!!! Greetings from Orlando, Florida!”


walytours - Reverbnation

“Hey Pepelux, just stopping by to give you a listen, it's been awhile, loving the new tune My name is Elektra, love your style fusing killer beats with guitars and synths, always enjoying City Hunter also, keep up the great...”

Social Deception - Reverbnation

“PepeLux makes GREAT music !!!!!!”

The Altruistic Messiah ~ Ben Va... - Reverbnation

“Keep up the good work!”

Michael Joseph - Reverbnation

“Very nice :)”

Jim Appleby - Reverbnation

“Excellent music!! Keep up the great stuff!! Good videos also!!”

mark hoevet - Reverbnation

“I could imagine driving in some sort of race car game on my 360 listening to this music...lol kool”

Verses - Reverbnation

“Love ya composition and stylle yo !!! Cheers from Slovenja.”

FREZZAS - Reverbnation

“Good to hook up with you here on ReverbNation. Keep those creative juices flowing.”

BARE WIRES - Reverbnation

“Hey!! So glad that I found you on here!! Spinnin' your great tunes! cheers! :)”

“great trax. I could use them when playing "need for speed" on PS3”

JAMEZ - Reverbnation

“Hey Mate! Congrats reaching the #1 spot!! Great work my friend!!! Jay”

EasyGetMe - Reverbnation

“nice music stay blessed @ number 1”

machineman - Reverbnation

“Hello from France, Good sounds and groove”

Groupe Ionosphere France - Reverbnation

“Hey! Great stuff here! A best one!:-)”

Orange-1 - Reverbnation

“Yo LUX freakin killer beats bro LUV u r new tune !! KEEp METAL-MAN!! REMEMBER KRANK it to 11!!”

MAX-METAL-RADIO - Reverbnation

“What it do fam, Just slid'n thru to show some Midwest luv keep doin yo thang I'm feelin the trackz!!”

FAMCHEDDA - Reverbnation

“Hey man, really like your mixture of dance beats & rock riffs. Pretty cool. Stay safe... keep the faith... peace”

Spin Flint - Reverbnation

“nice stuff... stay 1.. u there for a reason!”

j2dat - Reverbnation

“all i can say is ..D O P E !!!!great mix...”

Brent N Trlak ¨B N T¨ - Reverbnation

“Anybody That likes Stan Lee Has To Be Cool! Love This Music ! B-rad Stone ! BASEMENT ROCKS! band”

“Pure genius. Just killer stuff. Love it!”

Tom&#39;s Sick Guitar - Reverbnation

“You rock!!!”

Cheryl Allison - Reverbnation

“Bravo PPLX!!! José Mataloni”

ARCANA - Reverbnation

“Hello, excellent sound and music, congratulations !!!!!!!! good work ;-)))))”

Robi s.O. - Reverbnation

“Love it!, I'm a fan now!!”

Sozo Heaven - Reverbnation

“Super duper energy - Loving it!!! I am bouncing all over the apt...”

Blank - Reverbnation

“~*~City Hunter iz SICK! Love it!~*~ Blessingz~*~Mitchell*”

Mitchell - Reverbnation

“amazing beats you got here...love the style.”

Kayotik Poizn - Reverbnation

“: Hey Pepelux! excellent tracks and powerful beats! cool!!”

embryonik - Reverbnation

“pepelux you are agreat artist i love your stuff king keep it going man”

philwil2057 - Reverbnation

“Numero UNO!!!”

Clear Air Turbulence Productions - Reverbnation

“Yeah bro kepp it going and dont stop!!!! Dont forget, keep it mixing and reach for the top!!!!! Ohhh Yeahhh!!! You could say we have the best of both worlds! Techno and thrash comming together for the next new!!”

DJ Tripp - Reverbnation

“Love your beats:-) awesome tracks:-)”

Cat Mclean - Reverbnation

“hey electra! i'm also a big comicbook fan! love your tracks, great mixes!”

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“great strong sounds in your tracks, very impressive!”

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“Wow..!! nice mix going on !”

AMF Studios - Reverbnation

“(New) Hoover Revolution is badass.Intense work my good friend”

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“Congrats on your # 1 place on the charts..not surprizing..totally rockin beats. Excellent work~ keep it comin”

LARRY TIEDEMANN - Reverbnation

“You guys are awesome! love the music and beats:-)”

Cat Mclean - Reverbnation

“you've got some very cool tunes here keep up the good work chiquito, will come back for more, Muchos besitos y abrazos, saludos desde Ibiza! xxx”

Nasti Moto - Reverbnation

“you are keeping up the great work I see. Really like PEPINAWER PROJECT 001. Going to go through the rest on here as well. Nice production bro,some refreshing sounds”

Digital Underbelly - Reverbnation

“Hey P..GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN :-) I had a listen to Hoover Revolutions and had a little grin to myself. Always manage to make me smile don't you :-) Had a bit of a musical break for a while but now i have returned afresh for the new year.”

ELAINE - Reverbnation

“great tunes here keep it up”

DJTL - Reverbnation

“hey pepelux, thanks for the music i couldnt believe the dreamlike state "hoover revolutions" put me in, thank you my friend!”

LITTLE BLACK BATS - Reverbnation

“Superb chemical energy sounds............ excellent work!”


“love the heavy riffs in some songs... the chemical beats are highly VOLATILE!!!!!!!”

Pritham D¨Sozua - Reverbnation

“That is some really nice heavy groove you got going there! Loving it!”

Solitoode Attitoode - Reverbnation

“I'm listening to "City Hunter" right now and that is an amazing track! The way you mix live and midi effects together to create this "picture "rocks!”

JOHN REVITTE - Reverbnation

“Congrats on #1..well deserved!!! Hoover Revolutions 2010 RIPS IT UP!!!!! uber-cool song!!!!! My head is exploding in my headphones! bd”


“Hey brother, I'm just dropping by with a short review of your latest masterpiece, "City Hunter 2008": From its relentlessly oscillating percussion to its heavy guitar riffs, vibrating synth magic, and psychedelic sampling, "City Hunter 2008" is a true mind trip! ”

ADAM PEARSON - Reverbnation

“cool new track with speed demon pepelux, dig the sounds!”

PIXELICIOUS - Reverbnation

“Listening to Green Goblin,hypnotic percussion work,real decent sound,got a cool allure to it....good vibes here.. Peace Rob ”

Cosmic anomoly - Reverbnation

“Hey Mr. Pepelux, gracias por tu comentario, nos gusta tu música, mucha energía!!, Saludo desde México!!”

SR MANDRIL - Reverbnation

“WOW - what an excellent stuff!! Keep banging, man. Zilina votes Seville:) "New city of Villains (ver.2)" is great. A&P.”

I &amp; SON - reverbnation

“Just been listening to some of your darl chemical beats....love them... really great for waking up and getting motivated...excellent stuff...”

Blindskunk - Reverbnation

“Wow! Your new song, "EL HOMBRE SIN CABEZA" is awesome! I love the guitar with the heavy bass drums . . . really intense! I also love the sound byte at the beginning and the overall composition . . . it really keeps your attention. ;)”

ALEX FINAL - Reverbnation

“ Awesome new track, Prisoner 09. Love the slick beats coupled with the metal guitar. Cheers - Kev G (Endo>Meso) ”

Endo&gt;Meso - Reverbnation

“Hey, this really rocks!! I am a free man!”

HEARTSCORE - Reverbnation

“LOVIN IT, LOVIN IT, LOVIN IT, WARNING, must be played loud..lol”

Bass BOY Wonder (Paul Kemal) - Reverbnation

“It puts me in mind of Amon Tobin. Very classy stuff. Cheers - Kev G (Endo>Meso)”

ENDO MESO - Reverbnation

"THE AVENGERS 2009" drum grooves and sound effects make me move like a crazy maniac, and then ... the deep voice Cool!

CMONGROOVES - ReverBnation

“ "City Hunter 2008" is awesome! Really love your music! Best wishes! ”

“LOve your music, PEPELUX, kind regards from belgium, mistii”

MANTAR VISION - Reverbnation

“My God... You deserve to be #1! Absolutely Perfect the sound, the grooves, the whole music ROCKS! I'm a fan! Cheers from Brazil.”

ANA GORI - Reverbnation

“i'm liking your style man! Loving City Hunter by the way.. :)”

AIRS - Reverbnation

"Stereo He@vys" es my favorito!

JANE SILENCE - Reverbnation

“Stereo He@vys........is and was the perfect song to start a work week off with....and to finish a week off with....hey it's a good everyday song!!”



D.N.I Ultravision Records - Reverbnation

“Just stopping to say hi and to listen to "City hunter" It's really an amazing work. All the best. Luigi :)”

Luigi Sensi - ReverBnation

“Hello P..as i have said pretty much everywhere else we have met..GREEN LANTERN ROCKS!! Awesome stuff as usual.”

ELAINE - Reverbnation

“We love your music Pepe!!! Great grooves and dramatic production throughout!!! Keep up the inspired work, and lots of love from Tom and Linda”

THE DUCKS - Reverbnation

“Hey, brilliantly crafted songs and beautifully balanced production. Nice work...........Love, joy and peace....Rag”

SCARLET RED - Reverbnation


TOKER N HOLDT - Reverbnation

“Man that is bitchin wicked music!!”

PIXIEGUTS - Reverbnation

“El PEPINAWER PROJECT lo parte toooodo entero !!! de principio a fin. Y el City Hunter también.”

Irene &amp; Luigi - Reverbnation

"Pepinawer Project 001" is a superb and driving track Pepe, Keep up the good work.

Reverbnation - Jim Robson

“Your sound ah-some LUUV that base and drums”

Julia D@Chicagohousedj - Reverbnation

"They Come From Space" is the best!

LETHALiTY SCALE - Reverbnation

“RARE ZEPPELIN recomendadísima, felicidades por el number 1. Suerte e inspiración ... Saludos desde Barcelona. ”

VIGER-NIRA - reverbnation

“Great Sound Here !!! Buena suerte !!!”

mut&amp;hell - Reverbnation

“I really dig your sound!”

Mirrors Reflecting Mirrors - Reverbnation

“Rockin' to the sounds here in NYC! Great tracks...very cool production.”

Joe Gande - Reverbnation

“I love the way you fit that arpeggio on top of the bass line in Green Goblin İs Over Your Head.:) With regards from Ankara”

“Excellent material, well done chaps!”


“I love your mix of Electronic and Metal. You've done a great job blending the genres. You have a great ear for sounds.”

DTEX - Reverbnation

“excellent tuneage..funky beats and strong soundscapes. Great instinct for production..love the way on "imperial march" you filter away the strings but keep John Williams' flute riff..very groovy!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation


3rd Eye Liquid - Reverbnation

“Hi Pepelux,i like your great sound and your style.It's a good work”

Luigi Sensi - reverbnation



“Reminds me of Future Sounds of London. Cool breakwork, and funky atmospherics. Will be back for more.”


“I really like City Hunter; it's an awesome track!”

Carlos Mongrut - reverbnation

“Awesome sound and intriguing style. Love the tune "City Hunter" Definately a pumpin' tune!!!!”

Destinationdawn - Reverbnation

“Yeah!!! I recommend your music 'cause of the great energy!!! Quite psychedelic... ENJOY IT! Kiss, C.”


“oh holy........ dude I just cant get enough of your tunes man I just listened to your entire list , EVERY SONG is freakin AWESOME!!!!! They kept getting better and each one is different, MEtal god and Hevylon I like the best, lots of heavy guitars !!!”

X11X11X - Reverbnation

“Wow man you got a motor running here...... nonstop.... really cool.... Peace”


“Thank You Pepelux!i sat and cheked your trax this evening at the crib chillin.Woa.i joined your club.the ambience blew my speakers of the freakin wall.great trax for sure.and thank you for positivity.we paint art in the air”


“I'm a HUGE fan of Green Lantern ... excellent track choice my friend. :D ”

International Silver String Submarine Band

“I like the way you arrange your beets and music..very intense. ”

LisaBe - reverbnation

“Project 001 really caught my attention! Great stuff! Right down my alley”

OUT OF QUEBEC - reverbnation

“Hey, loving the metal mentalist!! peace and vibes from UK! ”


“hey Pepelux! Your sound is gorgeous.. it's around 6:00 am here now but my neighbors definatly have to WAKE UP NOW :))) ”


"Pepinawer project 001" is great song full of energy man. (1)


“Your music is awesome, Pepelux. I love your propulsive beats and catchy melodies. Keep mixing; you do it well. ”


“pepelux is my knew best thing I think you can grate cheese with it ”