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“The band has been gaining steam performing on various Seattle stages. On songs like “Indecision” and “Disappear,” PeopleTank has a sound so reminiscent of The Chili Peppers and Nirvana combined. Their up-tempo, sonorous grunge sound is something to keep an ear out for in the near future, because they have potential to break out...”

Sean Pederson - Musiqtone Blog


A Blue Moon patron

“PEOPLETANK, an unsigned indie band out of Poulsbo, WA, were gracious enough to send me a copy of their demos. They are a rock/grunge band, currently playing well known venues around Washington State, such as The Seamonster Lounge, The Break Room, and The Looney Bin. The demo I received consists of four songs, Indecision, Little Gun Store, Crucified, and Breathe, all of which are great songs, not too heavy, not wimpy, just cohesive rock that keeps you well engaged. Be sure to check them out at their upcoming gigs:”