People Skills / Press

“an endearing exuberance...”

“The music is moving, and fresh”

"People Skills have mad talent" "...dominating eardrums with her scorching guitar playing and retro-fit rock 'n' roll. Having a female fronted rock band that kicked so much bum was a rare treat..." "The Seacoast music scene needs People Skills, and People Skills need to keep building on the recording they present here. If they do, all parties involved are in for a rock-fueled ride."

“People Skills rocked like Rilo Kiley backed by Yes. No, I cannot explain what that means. You’ll have to hear it. Chelsea Paolini showed her skills to the people late into the night, as adults, teens, parents, dogs, and other creatures yelped and cheered for the soulful indie pop magic of Paolini power.”