“Genre: Hip Hop Location: Long Island, NY Birth name Margaret Ann, Street name PEGG STARR. This Long Island NY born & raised female em-cee has been in the Hip-Hop scene for over 10 years. She is signed to Strong Island Records (www.StrongIsland.com) & they released her debut album “Look What My mama Made” on November 29th 2011. She is the Strong Island Ruff Ryders Public Relations Officer. She began her musical journey as a DJ for various bars & clubs on Long Island. Writing poetry started getting her recognition at a young age. She got write ups in her school newspaper & published in a book released worldwide called “Taste Berries For Teens” by Bettie B. Young. She has auditioned for a few TV shows such as Puff Daddys “Making The Band 2″, Missy Elliots “The Road To Stardom”, Amateur Night At The Apollo, & VH1s “Miss Rap Supreme”. She has had a few radio interviews on 90.1 WUSB in Stonybrook NY, & 106.7 Club Border Live in Watertown NY. Internet radio shows such as”

“Check this show out! They play my song "I'll Be", it's the 3rd track on the show”


“The Strong Island Ruff Ryder recording artist and DJ, Pegg Starr returns to OMI to promote her latest project, "Look What My Mamma Made." We'll also talk about her record label, engineering, djing, and just making things happen. Join in the conversation by logging into the chat room or calling 347.989.1080.”

“Strong Island records introduces PEGGSTARR and her debut album "Look what my mama made:, which releases on Nov 29, 2011. DJ, Tattoo Artist, & Performer, Peggstarr, features artists such as Tone kapone from Def Squad, BK, Swanny River, while she reveals her explosive personality & raw lyrics in this debut album. With title's such as "Do 4 Luv", "Crash the party", & "Ruckus", her music adds a sexy hip hop tone to a Gaga/ Pink style within the lyrics. PEGGSTARR'S new album will be available on iTunes, Napster & all online music stores as well as hard copy CD Via www.StrongIsland.com.”

“Dam yo style and beats r hot imma big ass fan urs yess we definitly ne eed female eminen....”

“Pegg: Digging your energy and flow on "Get Loose." Cheers. J”

“Hey just droppin in again with some luv for real talent, Hope alls good with ya, stay blessed :) xxx”

“ya know pegg it does not matter what song i play, the music and you as an artist are DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUCH love to you”

“Pegg Starr "Get loose" cause some "Ruckus" and when i'm in the NYC i'm a "Crash the party" ya sound i couldnt "Ignore it" look at cha "Rude Gal" "What you waiting for" get that paper "Today"...im out!”

“wow/good ish pegg star, you photos show u bout yours and thats whats up. Love the music, you remind of missy e so much. I appreciate the comment and wish you much sucess at Strong Island.”

“Get Loose(8) Love that one Fam, Keep doing you thats nice Art”

“Hi Starr... Shut Ya Fuckin Mouth is a great song,,, they are all very very good... Congrats!!”

“yo nice flow, nice delivery and nice beats cool stuff”


"no more drugs, i'm on nitro.." Awesome flo to these tracks and the bounce to "i'm bak" is SPEK-tacular..tasty rockin old-skool vibe and seriously addictive hooks fill the tunes. One of the best rappers i've ever heard on RN!! Shiny as Gold!

“Likin' me some Pegg Starr. Nice Raps, Beats, Music, Flow and Vibe here. I enjoyed all songs I listened to. Played your front page. Picks: Rukus, I'm Bak and My Swagg. Sending Respect”

“Amazing style, love the attitude, love your voice. Yup, enjoyin the listen to say the least :) Keep it going girl and have a wonderful 2012.”

“Pegg I am fully digging on your style. Congrats on record deal. Keep up your great work, you are rockin' the rapp!!”

“Ruckus nice an ur beats wonderful!! Good luck with ur music!”

“Yo' you going in reppin for us female mc's! I'm loving it keep doing you. Much Love Winter.”

“Crash the party...big cheers...great music here...much love for 2012”

“Nice lyrics, Nice beats...Fuck the shit is just good. congrats on the label deal. keep pressing on to getting showtime on MTV”


"Get loose" is a hot track! You have a unique sound!

“My Swag, this is a real tight track! Peace!”

“I love what you're bringin', Pegg Starr! Really great songs and sound with clever, provocative lyrics. Your bio is interesting as well. It sounds like your voice was destined to be heard! Keep it up. I'm your fan. xx”

“yo i Jus Checkd Out ur Music 2 And yea u Remind Me oF Missy lol iLike it keep iT Up. ”

“Luv your artist name!!! You are a STAR! :)”

“u r a great MC your style is tight! I’m Bak, u r the bomb great track! Peace”

“Great way to execute music with the quality and style, much respect and success to u”

“Playing Crash the Party. Great track Peggstarr”

“had a listen to "ruckus " and really enjoyed the track and style..good stuff!”

“sardine here!girl you can spit but i love the way you write.it comes from your heart,thats what makes it real!much love and luck.”

“Hello.listening to your trax,lovin the beats, your vocal phrazing right on time,feeling the vibes.Happy 2012.”

"ruckus is the hottest song!"

“Great things happening here! I'm Bak is a great track...we will share your page with our friends!”

" IM BACK " cool rhyme & reason Peggstarr!

"solid vibe going on here!! respect from chicago"

“I just listened to Addiction....amazingly accurate and deeply felt by me and my experiences...Incredible!!!!!”

“NY out female rappers Infinite and Peggstarr join Dj SirRah this week to the music industry and their seperate new projects set to be released in 2011. join the conversation by calling in or participating in the chat room.”

"Interview With Rapper/Out Mobb Member PeggStarr"

“Solo lesbian hip hop artist and DJ PeggStarr (who is also part of OUtMobb) recently celebrated on her MySpace blog the fact she had achieved 30 days of sobriety. We would like to congratulate PeggStarr on this achievement and support her continued positive growth. It's not every day we get the opportunity to report something positive and uplifting like this.”

“I know we dont really know each other to well, hell at all. But last night for some reason I decided to pay your page a visit, I was listening to your music and then decided to check out your blogs. I come across your blog about what you would do differently. Your words hit right into the deepest untouched part of my soul. I know from experience with friends that are in the industry that the ones that are passionate about what they do, they want ppl to feel emotions from their music or whatever it is that they are putting out there. That, Mz.Starr, you did perfectly. I never share emotions, so I laid in bed last night tossing and turning and thinking of your words and how they affected me. I was reading and crying. I cant recall another time that anyone, or anything has led me to feel so much, to think about so much. I just thought I would share this with you. You are definately headed into the right industry and you will definately have a wonderful career ahead of you. Keep up the...”

“Click the link below to see the picture & write up on me”