Peerless Pirates / Press

“What’s the point of being in a band called Peerless Pirates and writing songs called `The Ghost Of Captain Kidd’ and `Palaver At The Harbour’ if you can’t slip some heroically hamfisted nautical metaphors into your lyrics? “As you sailed away / You were captain of my heart” bellows Cliff Adams at the start of the former number piece, a tumbling rockabilly caper that, if it were to take human form would likely bounce around your living room on its wooden leg, grinning at you through gold teeth. They always sound like a right old barrel of fun – like The Smiths cavorting with The Ukranians in a rumsoaked orgy of thigh-slapping bro-love. Adams’ voice is pure Morrissey.. but the undertone is “We don’t care what you think; we’re having fun!” By all that’s holy, wouldn’t it be great if more bands sounded like they were having as good a time as Peerless Pirates?”

Dale Kattack - Nightshift

“There’s something endearingly heroic about Peerless Pirate’s unstinting dedication to their buccaneering image and song titles, as well as their devotion to a style of indie rock that would sound as at home 30 years ago as it does today.Cliff Adams is still casting flamboyantly poetic lyrics to the seven seas in his sonorous, Morrissey-esque voice as sing-song guitar lines cavort with the spirit of Johnny Marr. From `Those Heady Days of Decadence’ through to `One Over The Eight’, the aim seems to be to party like the grog will never run dry to a rockabilly soundtrack that’s as old and solid as the timbers that make up the ship’s masts. Thing is, for all the band’s adherence to a tried and trusted formula, they’re undeniably great fun, with a sense of the ridiculous that indie rock, or whatever passes for it nowadays, seemed to forget when people failed to recognise the humour in The Smiths and The Wedding Present. This ship’s course is sure and it’s not for turnin”

Ian Chesterton - Nightshift

"One Over The Eight' is better still, akin to 'Hand In Glove' remade in the style of The Wedding Present, and if 'High Seas Love Affair' overdoes the pirate motif a little, it eventually blossoms into a lively jangle-pop sea shanty. Unlike too many acts this month, who we'd gladly force to walk the plank, at least Peerless Pirates are looking at the right map and appear to have a bit of the X-marks-the-spot-factor."

Oxford Nightshift

"With really well-written songs and an almost perfect pop performance, Peerless Pirates will have audiences bouncing on the dancefloor. Their sound is like an upbeat, happy version of The Smiths, making one wonder if Morrissey might be a tad jealous if he hears them."

Waxdolly Radio

"The Pirates have been sailing around our playlists for eons now (check out their appearance on the Forum show from ‘back in the day’ below), and rightfully so too. They’ve provided us with consistently great tracks that we can honestly say we’ll be playing for many years to come."

Recharged Radio

"Like all great bands, they wrote a fine and catchy ballad, in this case it is the aptly titled High Seas Love Affair, a track that hits many spots and can be envisioned as a large crowd favourite. There are many tracks that encourage grog swigging with their piratey rhythms and Throw Down the Gauntlet is no exception to this, if you don't at least nod to this track you have no soul, it's just that catchy, frankly..."

Mr Yare - The Yare Man Revieweth

"So, ‘Knight In Tarnished Armour’ finds the hearty frontman rhyming “adversary” with “necessary” without a hint of self-consciousness, as guitars twang like cracking timbers behind him, a lounge crooner experiencing his ‘Bingo Master’s Breakout’ moment and letting what’s left of his hair down for the last time... ...they want to hang from the rigging, cask of rum in hand, and have all aboard dance a merry jig..."

Brinna Childresse-Lao - Music in Oxford