Pedro el Poeta / Press

“I was fortunate to be one of the sold out crowd at the Talkie Awards Friday night and witnessed an exhilarating performance by Pedro El Poeta and his incredible band! They had the crowd moving, and added an energy to the show which I haven't felt before! They're the real deal!”

~ Jay Mulligan LSM CBS Radio - CBS Radio

“Pedro El Poeta is pure fire... It's been a long time since we had a latin rapper on top. Pedro has opened a huge door; and, with his dope lyrical content, swag, production and tracks so many opportunities await him.”

“Pedros emotional onstage performance humanizes important issues through hip hop rhythms.”

“Tells the truth, the way it needs to be told. An anthem for change.”

~ Multi Platinum producer Shawn McKenzie aka "Sir Scratch" (Madonna, Queen Lat - Broadjam Pro Reviewers song- "Act Now"

“I learned about rap listening to Pedro. He's a prolific poet and song writer, an extremely gifted artist equally adept in the studio or live on stage. Pedro is a producer's secret weapon - always performing at max whether he's recording something that he's already written, or spontaneously creating verbal magic.”

“Impactful. Sincere. Jaw-dropping. These are words Sarah Weatherbee uses to describe the art of her husband, St. Petersburg-based musician and spoken word poet Pedro "el Poeta" Jarquin. Rap music's toughest critics would likely balk at these descriptions, except this isn't your typical artist. "He motivates other artists to be better at what they do," she says. "He's so bold and he owns it. We all want to fully embrace our artwork like that." ”

“No stranger to the music scene, the talented Hip-Hop/Rap artist Pedro el Poeta sets in motion a compilation of beats and grooves with his latest release... Poeta’s spoken words are poetically infused with colorful instrumentation blends which give a cohesive and consistent sound. His voice is strong and rich and he reveals his abilities as an easy flowing rhymer. The language voiced throughout this collection is both English and Spanish, as listeners will hear on “El Problema.””