Pearl Black / Press

“Music this good will always have us coming back for more....”

Mike White Presents - artist/reverbnation

“this is the real deal. an amazing natural talent without the gimmicks!”

the low brows - artist-reverbnation

“This is bluesy, gritty music, with whisky in your glass vocals, delivered honestly so it touches your heart and soul. Frank Smith”

Sills and Smith - Artist-Reverbnation

“f you like blues, and a singer that can bring tears to your eyes check out Pearl Black. ”

Kit Mann - artist/reverbnation

“love the biographical storytelling style of "grandma and grandpa"..could even be a Steve Earle or Townes Van Zandt song with all the detail and intimacy of characters. i've always lovd this type of simple, direct songwriting. Nice work!”

artitist - MikeWhitePresents

“Looked up the word ALTERNATIVE in dictionary - it said: See Pearl Black! An amazing artist and an equally amazing human being!”

Rick Frost - Artist/ReverbNation

“Reach for the stars Pearl Black because you surely shine with the brightest my friend. ~Moyra”

Moyra - artist-reverbnation

“Just love your music.True livin in your songs and you can feel your spirit in your music..Take care..Love ya..Cathy/mud banjer”


“: ahhh, "put your sweet arms around me" wow! and your voice?! the world is missing out!”

Richelle Perkins - ARTIST

“The best..”

Stankbot Tyranny - ARTISTS

“What a perfect name, Pearl. He is like finding a gem in the rough. What great musical influences. Clearly the influences have reached deep inside Pearl and come pouring out in his music and voice!. Rich, heartfelt, wonderful music! Rock on, Pearl, rock on! You have true heart and soul. I am a fan.”

Tracey Lee - artist

“Your songs has such a soul-wrenching real-life quality that is missing in so much music. When you sing I feel what you feel. Touch of Joe Cocker but you definitely have your own wonderful style. Keep on keepin' on. And yes, "we've gotta help...and we'll stand tall again!" The truth is usually only spoken by artists of the folk/rock genre and I'm glad you singing it to the rafters and singing it so well.”

Salariatus - Artist

“Pearl Black is the real deal! His songs,in my opinion, are golden. They go right to the heart pierce it ... circle around and take up residence in your soul. What an incredible multi-genre combo.I have to call it "The Pearl Black Genre" - because there is nothing I've heard quite like it. I'd walk 5 miles in snow to see this guy play!”


“I am glad you are appreciated. Singing about life and how we feel about it is very important for everyone. Hopefully we have talented artists like Pearl Black who still carry the flag of our fathers and remind us music is an art but also one of the best ways to express what is lying in our heart.”

Chordinators - ARTIST

“Pearl there just ain't a word to describe the power of your vocal performance but if I had choose one word I think it would be unforgettable! You hang in there yoou were born for this!!!”

Steve Ed Stone - Artist

“What a great whiskey and cigarettes voice! Just love that mellow guitar tone and the intimate style of recording too. Really real and engaging.”

Jordan Reyne - ARTIST

“Some of the most powerful vocals I've heard here on Reverb!”

Kellie Hoover - ARTIST

“Such wonderful and heartfelt expression with a vox full of soul! Loving your sound and style immensely!Really dig "Ride the Rainbow" Big Love and Best Wishes Always!”

DestinationDawn Favorites - ARTIST

“Heartfelt lyrics and soulful delivery--and stories that take us to the moment. Evocative work! Looking forward to hearing more!”

Bingham Willoughby - ARTIST

“: I listened and wow! What an amazing voice, and I loved "I'd die for you". You sing with passion. Wonderful!”

Deborah Pira - ARTIST