Peach / Press

“She can execute w/ the grace of Sarah McLachlon and the poise and vigor of the likes of PJ Harvey. Impressive.”

“Radio-ready modern rock has largely returned to a for-bros, by-bros situation, so there's something both nostalgic and refreshing about Peach's no-frills approach.”

“Coming together to make a cacophony of sounds that is both noisy in tone but at the same time melodic, if there's one thing that Peach does well, it's pulling off that sound.”

“To generalize their music as a genre, I do kind of agree with the band’s answer of “post-trash,” only because their sound is less about being perfect and more about conveying a feeling. It almost was like grungy music meets pop/R&B vocals but in an incredibly catchy and entertaining way.”

“Peach is an amazing three-piece garage/indie band that has the "X-factor," and in today's market you either have it or you don't. Peach definitely has it! Beautiful vocals on top of rockin' music makes for a good time when you see them live. Definitely a band I'm going to keep a watch on!”