Predator Dub Assassins / Press

“For me this is the pleasant surprise of the year. Predator Dub Assassins will keep your mood correct for days. With such a heavy arsenal of killers tunes, The Hardest will assassinate anything you got on your playlist right now.”

“This self titled LP is a fine collection of songs..a smooth, measured vocal, and that is in fact how the LP continues with some beautifully executed songs, full of consciousness, spirituality and views on every day life.”

“Predator Dub Assassin is one of the most polished unsigned artists I have heard in a long time. They have the whole package, playing great original songs that are a dead ringer for the roots reggae tunes that are the basis for their sound.”

“Anyone with even passing interest in reggae and dub owes it to themselves to check out The Dub Assassins.”

“A great mixture of dub, reggae and jam rock combined with incredible live shows and a great set list of original songs.”

“Predator has his own fresh style, mixing old and new sounds.”