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"The catalytic force behind Patrick Charles's debut album, Cite Soleil, is Charlene. Patrick wrote this one for his sister at her passing. Arranged by Patrick Charles & Kevin Toney, Charlene exudes powerful emotion as Mr. Toney ekes a song ...of joy & gratitude from those keys. Patrick's sister had always been a pillar in his life; a prominent supporter of his creative art. The track opens with a bri...ef movement of longing & sorrow which quickly transitions into joyfully spacious embraces…..It is the perfect track to end this album; as if Patrick were saying "Look at me! I am here now; thank you so much." From this reviewer's point of view, Charlene is the most intimate of tracks on this brilliant album"..Chris Drake

Chris Drake - Chris Drake

“Patrick Charles is a young, energetic drummer/writer with a clear vision of the diverse workings of jazz/funk and other such pairings. Cite Soleil is more than just a refreshingly unique "mover" in many distinctive ways, it's also an attitude. You get that from the beginning. This young man is on a mission to make a bold statement.Patrick Charles certainly does no harm whatsoever to his career here. The young man would do well to use Cite Soleil as his barometer for future ventures. A more trustworthy measuring tool may be hard to find.”

“Take off your shoes and relax. "Cité Soleil" by Patrick Charles is a smooth jazz CD with an appealing Caribbean flair. The music on the CD is nicely composed, and nicely showcases Patrick's outstanding drumming as well as the talents of the other first-rate jazz musicians on the CD. Thru recording quality and production provide a high quality, clear jazz recording."Citè Soleil" Patrick utilizes his native tongue to deliver a message, along with an excellent rhythmic groove. "Kush" features some outstanding jazz piano, muted horn, and sensual female spoken messages, along with the CD's trademark strong rhythmic groove ground on Charles' drum work. The listener feels the emotional message of the song through the beautiful instrumental piano work. If you enjoy jazz music, and CDs where you can feel the soul of a real jazz musician, this CD is for you. ”

“‘Cite Soleil’ is the debut CD from drummer, composer and producer Patrick Charles. It threatens to redefine the accepted boundaries of contemporary jazz yet, with seven of his own compositions, another from the multi talented Johnny Britt, plus a strong interpretation of the Seal mega hit ‘Crazy’, this hip nine track collection is always compelling and totally enthralling. Despite his New Jersey upbringing Charles was in fact born in Port – au – Prince Haiti and, from time to time, he allows the French influence of that island to permeate his music.”