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“Payload's newest release Odyssey Dawn caught my interest more or less straight off the bat due to a rarely-seen label: 'Parental Advisory: Explicit Content'. Sure, a lot of records still have lyrics and artwork far more gruesome than this release. Nevertheless, I have not seen it on a Heavy Metal album in quite a while. Musically, Payload strives for a simple, yet catchy sound with gruff vocals spouting promises of doom and destruction. And boy, do I love it! Granted, it is not as eighties-y as most releases I give a high rating but the sheer simplicity and expertise with which Odyssey Dawn was created greatly impressed me. Sure, you can argue that there is nothing new about the album (I would agree) and that it is not as 'heavy' as it potentially could be (if anything, it incorporates several Hard Rock elements, such as the simplicity of the riffs), yet those facts do nothing to diminish just how impressively talented Payload is as a band.”

“Please make welcome “Payload” a hard rock band based out of Finland which has a very unique sound. These guys make me think of Iron Maiden, Rob Halford’s (Fight), and Disturbed. I’ve not only been listening to “Payload’s” music on their Official Website and Reverbnation but also their newest album “Odyssey Dawn“. Odyssey Dawn album rocks hard!! It’s nicely put together with strong leads, sick bass runs, pounding drums, and the vocals are at the highest of precision; “these guys know how to rock”! We’ve been speaking back and forth to “Vic” (guitarist) about what the band was up to, and he has just been very kind to us. He let us get a nice earful of the new tracks so we could express our views. Now we don’t like tagging a band saying “Oh they sound like this or that” but you kind of have to so people understand. Being the case that if we had to say Payload sounds like someone, we’d have to word it as bands sound like “Payload”!”

“Pure heavy metal mayhem from Finland! Despite their unassuming name and no frills style, Helsinki’s Payload play a surprisingly addictive brand of HM successfully captured on this excellent debut. Formed in 2008 by lead guitarist Vic Lausas & vocalist Risto Sundberg, the two have already seen their fair share of lineup changes in their rhythm section but have soldiered on regardless to produce this fine mix of Iron Maiden riffing, Megadeth rhythms and hard rock melodies. Raw vocals, even more raw chugging guitar and a neck snapping rhythm will have you headbanging in glory to steam hammer songs like ‘War Machine’, ‘Unleash’ and ‘Poison Cure’, made all the more lethal by the equally raw production! All in all an excellent debut from this unassuming band deserving more recognition!”

“May 11 you’ll play at the festival with some Estonian bands. Have you already played with some of them? Or you don’t know them? Vic: Nope. And have you checked them? Vic: Yes. Do you like it? Vic: Well, that is not actually my cup of tea, but they play well and, we are expecting a friendly night with them. Harri: He only listens to metal like Megadeth and that’s it! *laughing* How do you communicate with the musicians from other countries? Vic: Online. Facebook, e-mails. Do you have friends among them? Vic: I hope I will! Risto: We do have some bands that we have met through promotion agencies, and festivals and gigs and of course they’ve been a big help in establishing frutfully in different countries because they have fans, and it’s a mutual promotion going on for both of us. Vic: Yeah, we have a history with Mama Trash and we have made a few friends with Mama Trash Team, so, in other words, yes. ”

“Con cierta experiencia en este mundo del metal Payload ha realizado un disco contundente con una caratula muy atractiva. Ellos son de Finlandia, formados en 2008 y hacen heavy metal y hard rock. Desde que se escucha el primer acorde de “War Machine” ya nos imaginamos lo que vendrá. Nada de carantoñas y baberos, música fuerte y directa. Al principio tenían un tecladista con el que grabaron el primer demo, para luego considerar que su música no lo necesita, el sonido recto de las guitarras a toda caña heavy es lo de esta banda.”

“Suiciderock: You had a rocky road as a band since its foundation in 2008 at least when it comes to the line up changes. You exchanged almost the whole band more than once due to time or health issues. How did you deal with that? Iikka: I think that line-up changes are somewhat frustrating… You need to start everything over with a new member. Songs need to be learned and maybe even more importantly, matters of personality and building trust and all that... But I guess it is just one of the things that just happen sometimes and you just have to live with it. Vic: Yes, like Iikka said it is really frustrating. We surely have had enough of our Spinal Tap –moments. Also finding a new member who fits in to the crew isn’t only like finding a decent player, the personality, time, etcetera… All things have to match – and it is not easy.”

“IP: You stay working in your debut album; can you give us more details about it? PL: The process to make the album, as it’s our first full length release, has been quite long. Oldest track on the album (Lie) was written in the autumn of 2008, so we could say it’s a cross section of what we are and where we’ve come from. We will release the album Odyssey Dawn during spring 2013. IP: What was your mindset going into the song writing for the new album? PL: The songs are written in such a long timeframe that there isn’t any particular mindset. The themes of the songs are from real life though, so some of them do reflect the time they’ve been written. For example there are a few songs with social criticism but also songs dealing with abuse, drugs and other themes from real life. IP: Why the name of the band? PL: Shortly Payload means the charge of a nuclear warhead, so it fits the scene and to the genre pretty well. We came up with different suggestions and chose the best one.”

“A clip from the Interview for Polish music site BloodArt. Click on text to read the whole interview. "Is it true, that your debut album will be released soon? If yes, tell me something about it. Have Payload’s musical taste changed since your last EP was released in 2010? So your music as well? What me and your fans can expect for your new compositions? V: It’s true, the album will be released during the spring of 2013. It’s pretty much a cross-section of our music from the beginning to this day. Our taste in music hasn’t really changed that much, our songs have maybe become a bit more straight-forward and the new songs are a bit shorter, but you can’t archive it into one category, as there is a variety in it. The biggest change in the older songs is that they’ve been re-arranged to 1 guitar."”

“Marko Siirasta Payloadin rumpali Marko Siira, joka on tunnettu aiemmin muun muassa yhtyeistä Osmo’s Cosmos, Northern Lights ja Twisted Silence, sekä esiintymisistään lukuisten kotimaisten tähtiartistien ja -yhtyeiden kanssa, on liittynyt kotimaisen metalliyhtye Payloadin riveihin. Marko Siiran kiinnittäminen Payloadiin lisää yhtyeeseen kokemusta, soittovarmuutta ja ammattitaitoa, sekä tinkimätöntä asennetta, josta mies on tunnettu. Aikaisemmin heinäkuussa metallibändi uutisoi löytäneen uuden basistin. Riveihin kiinnitettiin Jukka Linna. Linna on aikaisemmin toiminut oman bändinsä Q:n parissa. Bassokitaristia bändi ryhtyi etsimään heinäkuun alussa. Siira nähdään Payloadin kanssa tositoimissa ensimmäisen kerran 15.10. Bad New Music -festivaalilla Turussa. Bassokitaristin ensimmäinen keikka Payloadin kanssa koetaan puolestaan perjantaina 9. syyskuuta Helsingin Hard Rock Housessa. Tapahtumaan on vapaa pääsy. Paikalla musisoi myös Shades of Nowhere j”

“Already from the solo of the opening track ”Nails” it’s easy to see that these guys know how to handle their instruments and the music is composed with some thought – I’ve heard solos without the slightest idea but no fear of that happening here. Thankfully, for a bad solo can alone ruin a song in itself. The title track works on a slower format and the intro-esque play lasts for a while. After the vocals come along the theme changes though and there’s no lack of intention in this song either. The solo deserves credit again, the sound being smoother than in the first track, with the melody bringing the stinging effect this time. The vocals and play deserve their praise, as everything seems to work as it should. The vocalist has a good voice that extends to both heavy growling and clean pitches, so being used to the rock gruff this release really opened up new aspects and I’ll definitely keep my ear out for the bands’ coming material.”

Prospect Jani - Radio Rock

“Laululle ja soitannalle on pakko antaa propsit, kaikki kun tuntuu toimivan niin kuin pitääkin. Laulajan ääni on hyvä ja näin hevikarjumiseen tai jopa paljon puhtaampaan lauluun kuin rokkiraspiin tottuneena kuuntelijana tuli levyä kuunnellessa avarruttua ja pidän jatkossakin korvani auki bändin tulevaa materiaalia varten. Levyn kuunneltua huomaa, ettei pojat ole liikkeellä varautumattomana vaan ovat oikeasti saaneet kasaan hienon noin puolituntisen paketin rokkia, johon ehdottomasti kannattaa tutustua. Kyseiseen reseptiin kun lisätään allekirjoittaneen todistama toimiva lavameininki, niin täytynee sanoa että bändi on ehdottomasti tarkastamisen arvoinen tapaus myös keikalla.”