Pawns or Kings / Press

“Pawns or Kings are a solid folk band with a beautiful, warm vibe you’ll warm right up to”

“If you could really fall in love with music then this would be it for me. Instantly, like love at first sight... They have produced some masterpieces that sound like a perfect mix of folk infused americana.”

“At times frivolous and others deeply meaningful and moving, I’ve quite taken to their music.”

“This band really makes each song hit home just that little bit harder, leaving me with this description ‘absolutely breath taking’.”

“The vocals are soft and I sit here trying to find a word to describe them and to be honest, I’m struggling to find one other than flawless. There are no real flaws... Overall, I think that Pawns or Kings are one to watch if you ever want some nice folk music like Mumford or, indeed, if you’re a fan of City and Colour.”

Nile O'Meally - Bed Magazine

“Pawns or Kings debut album, Letters to Lucy, is folk music done right.”

“This is what I love about discovering new bands – sometimes you hear things that actually make you sit up and listen, which is what happened to me today. New Folkies Pawns or Kings are a Lake Saint Louis, MO band who vibe on Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers, and boast a lead singer with a lovely beard and a preference for Irish caps. Their music is resplendent with expertly played banjo and absolutely beautiful vocals.”