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Levi Thöle
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  1. Musician small
    Johannesburg, GP, ZA


    Multi-Instrumentalist, Electric Guitar, Vocals, Composer, Lyricist
  2. Musician small
    Johannesburg, GP, ZA


    Electric Guitar
  3. 1380716592 musician 18839 1380716526
    Male Johannesburg, GP, ZA


    Bass, Composer, l

    Musician Styles:

    Dub, Experimental, Jazz, Latin, Progressive, Psychedelic, Metal, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Post-Rock, Deep House, Middle East


    The Mars Volta, At The Drive In, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Animals As Leaders, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Tera Melos, Eyes Like Mirrors, BLK JKS, A Perfect Circle, Zim Nqawana

    Talk To Me About:

    Jamming, Playing Shows, Songwriting, Starting a Project, Studio Recording
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    Johannesburg, GP, ZA