Paul Sprawl / Press

“...I attended the show and stayed until closing time. Several other musicians showed up, and we would occasionally look at each other and shake our heads in disbelief. It’s really hard to believe one man can make so much music. Paul’s style is hard to describe- Imagine the technical mastery of Michael Hedges and the soulful wailing of John Hammond Junior… or just go see him.”

“Paul Sprawl walked into an open mic I was hosting in Black Mountain, NC about 10 years ago and after playing 3 songs proceeded to sell every person in the room a cd. This guy is a prodigy. One of the best I've seen. There are no loops, no backing tracks, just Paul Sprawl using his voice, his hands, a guitar, a slide and a harmonica. And he's a road warrior too. In fact, he was living out of his van when I met him.”

“His vocal delivery had me leaning forward. His guitar accompaniment combining slide, picking, strumming and percussion simultaneously had the small audience slack-jawed... Wildfires like Paul need but a slight breeze to spread. Local musicians take note. Music fans, have a listen. No need to step up your game. This ain’t no contest. This is American literature.”

“Gorgeously laid out melodies and floating solo lines...”

Westward Blogs

“I don't make this distinction often, but I have encountered what appears to be the "BEST" guitarist I've ever seen. Paul Sprawl uses open tunings and percussive playing to present an entirely unique style”

“One spectator who drove all the way from Brownsville, commented on his performance, "That was unique in the way that he thumped away at the body of his guitar to produce his own rhythm section."”

Charlie Hunter - The Siskiyou

“...the guy who turned del Bueno on to the biodiesel movement is Paul Sprawl, the winner of last year's Eddie's Attic Open-Mic Shootout. Sprawl, a blues/folk musician from California, won a thousand bucks cash and two days of free recording at Zero Return Studios. ”

Michael Wall - Creative Loafing Oct. 3, 2003

"Paul Sprawl's approach to guitar is beyond musicianship, it is performance art. His hands dance across the guitar with abandonment, from body to neck, drawing out rhythms and beats that fuse with mesmerizing harmonies. There is no one else like Paul."

Tim Piazza - Indiana House Concert Presenter