Paul Ramirez Band / Press

“Paul Ramirez grew up in a big, vibrant, home in Houston with many family members and many styles coming from its many different rooms. He couldn’t have known at the time that his musical house would make a perfect metaphor for his first CD years later. The 2012 Paul Ramirez Band debut release, Sex With A Dragon, is like a big “house of blues” with “rooms” emanating sounds of rock, country, funk, R&B and Latin music. “Music was constantly around. My Grandparents listened to all different types of music, from old country to Mexican standards, Tejano.... To my aunts listening to classical and my younger aunt listening to rock and roll, Def Leppard.... I guess I had a good start with all different styles of music,” says Ramirez.”

“A weekly gig is about the best way for guitarists to hone their craft, and Houston's Paul Ramirez has done just that Wednesday nights at the Continental Club for more than a year now. It pays off in Sex With a Dragon, his debut CD that throws in a little Santana and New Orleans R&B into Ramirez's stick-to-your-ribs Texas blues-rock and shows some salty reverence towards Blind Lemon Jefferson's "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean." Dragon breathes enough fire that it doesn't wilt when held up to the gold standard of 2012 Lone Star guitarslinger offerings, Gary Clark Jr.'s Blak and Blu.”

“Without a doubt, Paul Ramirez is one tasteful guitar player. He always knows just what licks to play. Here he is at Katie's in Bacliff with his band, The Paul Ramirez Band. Performing on bass is Bella Adela and Brian Shoppell is on drums. Most of you may remember Paul from his 6 years with The Mark May Band. When Mark left town, Paul decided it was time for his own outfit, and he was definitely right in doing so. He has become quite a talent on his own. Besides gigging around town, you can always find Paul at Bayou A Drink on Tuesdays, and at The Continental Club on Wednesdays. Go hear him now! You'll be knocked out!”

“In his new role as frontman, Paul continues channeling music at transcendentally stratospheric levels *and* has added his own quality vocals, drummer Brian "Chopper" Shoppell and Bella Adela on bass. We went to check him out at Katie's for a couple of songs and ended up staying the night. Get the idea? This band is party ready–Book em...”

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