Paul Pritchard / Press

“I'd also like to comment that D.J. Paul Pritchard provides a plethora of genres. I was particularly pleased with "High Octane," and "Runaway." These two songs are proof positive, that this man knows music. ”

Sleep Siren - Artist

“After listening to the tracks you mentioned in your message Runaway & High Octane, it was hard not to hear the other tracks! Fantastic sound you have, there! You are being recommended on our page!”

Sleep Siren - Artist

“hey Force, great tunes man, you have got some nice skills, , enjoyed hell’s kitchen very much, stick at it man and you will do well, kind regard Quade7”

Quade77 Productions: - Artist

"The Core" is a work of supersonic trance that blows the mind and enraptures the senses. From its coursing synths to its thumping beat, the song blasts the listener right through to the core!

Adam Pearson - Artist

“Very nice vibes and Energy, your New Track HELL'S KITCHEN, have a great day”


“Sea Sand and Sex" is work that feels remarkably fresh. Beautifully revealing a soundscape of rushing surf, colourful synth radiance and ever-shifting percussion, the song leaves the listener with a sense of deep contentment and satisfaction”

Adam Pearson - Artist

“I like your music a lot. My favourite track is Runaway. Greetings from Greece”

Maria Gialeniou - Artist

“you'fe fine music here "The Core" it's a great work. All the best. Luig”

Luigi Sensi: - Artist

“I am loving After Dark!!! great job...ever thought of lyrics for it? Thanks so much for dropping by and having a listen; I am so glad I took the time to listen to your music!!”

Echoes of Resonance: - Artist

“: New track, hot one. Kicks in hard. BooM Namasté”

604-ToKaY - Artist

“Fantastic tracks! I’m so glad I’ve come across your page made for some hours of good music to listen to!!”

Tracey Ann Music - Artist

“Hey, Paul! "Aurora" really soars like the celestial phenomenon after which it is named. Its deep pads and subtle synths create an enveloping trance environment.”

Adan Pearson - Artist

“Hi Paul It's real awesome track!! Thanks for "Tran-S-onic"... Love and Peace”

Nupachino - Artist