Paul Mosley / Press

“'What a voice!'”

Jools Holland - N/A

"The obvious comparison is Nick Drake but there is so much more to Mosely than that... Unusual arrangements and the loveliest of voices... a unique star in the waiting"

“pop doesn't come any sweeter (and odder)...”

“with instruments I couldn't name and well honed song writing skills it all comes together to create Mosleys own mystical world...like Jose Gonzales cloaked in an 80's pop poncho'”

" Mosley throws his elastic voice around an emotional assault course furnished with ukulele-powered psychodramas, inventive tunes and instrumental surprises.... from spooky and funky, to menacing and exhilarating With nods in the direction of Four Tet, Andrew Bird, Aidan Smith and The Leisure Society"

“'Paul Mosley is a cults cult, a real gem'”

unknown - Drowned in Sound