Paul Montgomery / Press

“The heavy guitar in the intro of this song captured me and will pull in a very large audience. The fast playing and tone of the song makes this fun to listen to and reminds me of driving down the highway with the windows open on a sunny day. It brings around feelings of being free, happy, alive. The lyrics are also relatable in many different ways which will influence a large crowd of people. If this was put on the radio, it would do really well! The tone is so catchy, I wish I could download it.”

Reverbnation Crowd Review - "Road To Mesa"

“Congratulations your song "Road To Mesa" was our highest rated song of the week. Our listeners rate our tunes, and obviously think you rock. You can check out the rest of our top 15 tunes on our facebook page or our website site.spiderwebradio.com”

“This is the type of music my co-workers listen to at work. Very soothing and a great beat with a really good vocal artist. I am actually surprised that I am hearing this right now. This is a lot better then most of the songs I have to go through, almost sounds like this could be on the radio. I don't know what I could suggest for the artist to improve upon but i do think the man is doing a good job.”

Reverbnation Crowd Review - Song "Take My Life"