Paul Ludenia / Press

“Paul!! Amazing songs and Talent! When you have it, you just have it. .. And you do!!!”

Jeri from Glaskow UK - quote

“Been listening to HE(ART) in my car, really like it and think it's your best work.”

NV - quote

“Hello. You're far too talented not to share what you can do with a vast audience and make a living from it. I believe that ability shines through and that you've got plenty...”

Jack - quote

“I am sooooo excited for your music!! keep it coming more and mooore!!! Richard”


“You are a seriously prolific writer!”

Frank - quote

“Saying that the Paul Ludenia Project was a great show is like trying to describe Yosemite or a bottle of Opus One to someone. You have to be there. See it, taste it and in this case, hear if for yourself. From the very first Foo Fighters cover, through the original hits, ‘Just Say You’re Not In Love’, ‘Ain’t It A Shame’ and ‘I Scream’ and the finale, Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’, mediocrity was not in their repertoire.”

Ed - quote

“http://www.boomerocity.com/rightwherehewantstobe.html ... Chandler, Arizona, resident, Paul Ludenia, has released his third solo project, Right Where He Wants To Be, and what a project it is! I admit that this CD is my first introduction to Paul but, wow! What an incredibly talented artist this man is! Right Where He Wants To Be is a great platform to showcase the musical talents of Ludenia – so much so that, after one listens to this CD, they’ll be inclined to want to order his previous two CDs (his 2009 disc, Styles for Miles and his 2011 project, TwentyTenAgain). And while Paul did enlist the help of fellow Valley of the Sun resident guitarist, Tony Olivas (Olivas co-wrote Just Say You’re Not In Love and played the solos on that song as well as on I Scream, Tomorrow, and Ain’t It A Shame), he (Paul) wrote, sang, performed, recorded and produced the album himself. Ludenia’s wide range of musical influences are evident on this disc, each demonstrating his songwriting, mu”

“You were a hit at the event and I really enjoyed getting to hear you perform. You guys did a great job!”

Michelle - Quote

“I was not surprised at the unique sounds you have crafted. Your voice and musical craftings continue to amaze me. Your creativity, your humor and determination are highlighted in your new CD. What I am struck by is the fact that you have become a wordsmith. A very enviable talent. Kudos!”

KL - Quote

“About Pauls album, Right Where He Wants To Be: #1 favorite=Mission Transition (move over George Winston there's a new pianist in town) #2=No Vote (love the reggae beat mon)”

PO - Quote

“Favorite song of the day? "LET THE SUN SHINE IN" I'm thinking of getting me a megaphone ;) Get the new Paul Ludenia CD "RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS TO BE" DO IT!!!!”

TO - Quote

“This makes it all worth it! Thank you Paul Ludenia I'm listening now!!! ♥”

RC - Quote

“Paul your new Cd is INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!!!! I absolutely ♥ LOVE ♥ it!!!!! You are soooooooo talented!!!!! Keep doing what you do!!!!! ♥ ♥”

JM - Quote

“Great album, Paul (Right Where He Wants To Be) We gave it a listen when we got home and it's fantastic.”

DL - Quote

“One of my clients said that a great musician played at Mastro's. So I looked it up, found you, and the rest is history!! I have an annual Tamale party the second week in November. I've never had music, but we see about 80-100 people come through, and it might be fun to do that this year. Everyone loved you! My aunts all had quite an eye for you. It was a success! Thank you for everything!!!”

Ceiba - Quote

“Paul, I listened to the TWENTYTENAGAIN CD you gave to Deb and the only way I could like it better is if you would have autographed it for us. You are a very versatile singer/songwriter. I hope you don’t mind comparisons - but I think some songs have a great Stan Bush sound, and then others sound like Little America. I really like Shine the Light on Me and Believe. My favorite is Moving On, damn is that one dark… Listening to live music has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I truly enjoyed the CD and I am looking forward to hearing you live. Because you guys showed Deb such a great time in Arizona - I want to experience it with her next time. Thanks,”

Chad - Quote

“It was awesome! You were amazing and everyone loved you :)”

Nicole Cundiff - Quote

“WOW! Paul Ludenia, Your sense of the "Today Factor" is phenomenal! You write songs for today. All great songwriters & musicians keep growing all the time...& that is you my friend. I am humbled to be a small part of this experience. Songs that are fun & that have meaning...PAUL LUDENIA ROCKS THE "NOW" & THEN SOME!!!!!! If you are one of my FB friends & you support live music or starving artist, I want all of you peeps to do me a favor & listen to this, then listen to it again...&again! You won't regret it! Hit the "Like" button on this post, "Like" Pauls' posts, "Like" Paul Ludenia Music Group page. I will be checking to see if you guys are listening. ROCK-N-ROLL IS ALIVE & WELL WITH PAUL LUDENIA MUSIC!!!!!!!”

Tony - Quote

“this Paul dude is seriously fuken talented! He's got a set of pipes on him & the music has great vision & rocks!”

Eric - Quote

“Paul - Thanks so much for playing for our team! Everyone loved it and have now become GROUPIES as well. It really made a nice evening become a great night!”

Martha from Cardinal Health - Quote

“Just watched the "Tomorrow" video. You really are an artist my friend. Keep making great music! I want to come out for one of your shows, maybe this Saturday at the Buttes......”

Nate - Quote

“I wish my husband could sing and play the guitar like that...that was awesome.....”

Kristin - Quote

“You know, this has the "Paul Ludenia" sound written all over it! It's distinct from other singer/songwriters . The first time I heard one of your originals I loved it so much I had to come out to see you play live. Then I was actually lucky enough to jam with you & sort of kinda work on some music with you.Well, this song does that to me all over again. Fresh, hip, & styling buddy. Keep on writing those babys!”

Tony - Quote

“Saw this dude this past weekend at the Buttes & he is totally awesome and has a great flow of playlist when playing for the crowd. Buy the CD! I did & love it!”

Peggy - Quote

“We truly enjoyed your performance, thank you.”

Olimpia - Quote

“ok heres the deal...I need some more Pauly Ludenia tunes....Im gonna find the other website and pick up a few different cds...honestly I am hooked! Keep making those amazing sounds you do...may the music in your head never ever end my friend b/c you are #totallytalented!!”

Karilee - Quote

“Had a great time last night at The Lookout!! You were awesome as usual!!”

Julie - Quote

“Thank you Paul, you were awesome on Saturday. I had a blast! And thanks for the bday song... You're amazing! :)”

Barbie - Quote

“Rockin' Paul Ludenias cd "twentytenagain" in the benz today...awesome drop top tunes!”

Karilee - Quote

“Thanks for sharing your talents with us at the Lookout Bar in Maple Grove.”

Joy - Quote

“Paul what a pleasure last night. Thanks for a great evening of entertainment and letting me jam with you. What a blast!”

Jeff - Quote

“Paul, Rick & Joe...awesome job last night (loved the variety of tunes)!! I meant to pick up a CD, but didn't want to carry it around all night, then forgot to pick one up at end of night. Can I order it online?? Thanks for making the trip to play!!!”

Gale - Quote

“You were awesome last night playing at Salida's!!! Everyone loved you!!!”

Kayla - Quote

“Pauls full band performance in MN - "Thanks for playing - you all sounded great! Everyone raved about how good you all sounded.”

Kelly - Quote

“I got EXCELLENT feedback! I had heard about the customers who paid you to keep you on and I think that's awesome! I have no doubt we will use you in the future. I will be in touch with you very soon and thank you for playing at Rock Taco Cantina! ”

Christina - Rock Taco Cantina - Quote

“We got a really great response from our customers regarding your performance at the Pier a few weeks ago. We would love to have you back in to play!”

Pier 54 - Quote

“Thank you for inviting us! You have a great voice and we all had a lot of fun!”

Sophia - Quote

“Thank you for the kind words. We just got back from an awesome vacation and got your email. Thank you for everything you did for the wedding. You played outstanding and everyone loved listening to you play. You made our day even more special not only with your music but with how well you did at being the emcee also. We could see that you put a lot of hard work into preparation and making sure everything went well. We loved the first dance song, it sounded so good we didnt want it to end. We still have people telling us how great you were and how they want to go watch your shows, so we can guarantee you will see us at a show soon. We hope you enjoyed yourself as well and I am sure we will see you soon.”

Patrick and Amy - Quote

“Great jam. Enjoyed listening to you play, Paul!”

Jen F. - Quote


Chuck E. Baby - Quote

“You guys were great last Friday! We all had fun, and I hope you made some new fans.”

Judy Garrick - Manager - Tilted Kilt (Peoria) - Quote

“Paul, man you ROCK!”

Brian - Quote

“Paul Ludenia was at the Chuck E. Jam last night, this is my second time watching him perform. I'm an instant fan. Very talented.”

Tony - Quote

“Your singing/music, Paul, needs to not only be on local CD's, but worldwide. You put MANY artists to shame and what you put into it, many people truly feel. Simply amazing.”

Kim - Quote

“I just wanted to tell you that you are an incredible performer.”

Kimberly - Quote

“Your voice really is very good. Makes up for your goofy looks. Ha”

David LeGassey - Quote

“You were the talk of the party!”

Jeff (private party) - Quote

“Everything was FANTASTIC!”

Megan (Private Event) - Quote

“You were Great, Paul!!!!! C u soon!”

Deborah C. - Quote

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for performing here on Friday, you were INCREDIBLE!! You played exactly what we were looking for, at a level that was perfect.”

Anna - Manager: Hooters of Peoria - Quote

“Looking for a LIVE band? This band played at an event I organized. I LOVE this guy, too! He is the BEST cover band guy ever... No one leaves a party that he's playing at bored. He SERIOUSLY rocks!”

Michelle - Quote

“Paul, you sounded FANTASTIC!!!!”

Regina - Quote

“I saw you at March's Date Night [at the Gilbert House]and I thought you were phenomonal!!!”

Maurice - Quote

“The sound was just perfect last night. The acoustics were great with the sound bouncing off of the building creating a true, clear sound of your voice. Perfect!!”

Karen - quote

“I wanted to thank you for making our "Date Night at The Gilbert House" such a success. Your music made the night for our guests as well as the staff we all enjoyed it so much. I heard so many great comments and I just wanted to pass it on to you.”

Susan Wright - Quote

“My friend's son got your card for me so that I could find out where you & your band would be playing in the future. Very sweet of you to sing "No Rain" from Blind Melon for me I greatly appreciate it.”

Mishka - Quote

“Paul, Thank you so much! You guys are always great and everyone says so! Thanks for making the party a success.”

Missy - quote

“I really like the new thing you did with your website. Love those pulldowns and windows, sure is interesting and easy to navigate. Been listening to "Comin To Rescue You" alot,, I got that song running through my head all the time,,,, addictive. See you tonight at The Brew.”

Donald - Quote

“Thanks for performing last night. Nice to hear and see some excellent talent in the valley.”

Lisa Waksmonski - quote

“Thank you for being so entertaining and it was so fun. As I said before, you guys are so good!!!”

Kristen - quote

“Your popularity is rapidly spreading, and deservingly so...it still amazes me that TWO guys can make the music that you guys do! and equally impressive is the diversity of what you play...I mean who can transition from the Velvet Revolvers to Bon Jovi to Snoop Dogg?!?! Way to go!!!”

Julie - quote

“You guys always put on a good show.”

Kevin - quote

“You guys sound great....wish you were closer so i could come see you live...”

Amy - quote

“You both were wonderful at Marys birthday party last night! It was great meeting you both, we were impressed with the PJs!”

Kim & Frank - quote

“You guys did an awesome job and so many people have said how great the music was. Chad was so happy and had a wonderful birthday. He was really surprised so I would consider the whole evening a success!! Thank You so much!”

Jill - quote

“You guys kicked ASS at Monties, like NO others have before. That was a LOT of fun !!!!”

Noel - quote

“The PJs rocked the house and really packed them in!!”

Brian H. - quote

“I must tell you Paul that you & Jeremy are really f*ucking talented, unique musicians. You guys gel, you are full of personality & just plain & simply any duo that can pull off all the stuff you do acoustically & sound great every time is truly talented. BRAVO!!”

Joy - quote

“I am always amazed at how talented my friends are, and tonight was no exception! Awesome solo acoustic show by my friend Paul!”

Kari Ann - quote