Paul Levinson / Press

"Best discovery in 2016"

“Tim Hardin meets The Zombies ... a real forgotten gem from 1972 that serves as perfect listening on a Saturday morning in November ... warm and peaceful.”

“Twice Upon a Rhyme (Happysad ‘72): I’ve seen multitudes of folkpsych wannabes hyped to the skies for their garage charm in euro lists that don’t hold a candle to this baby. “Forever Friday” is so amazing and lo-fi real I still get chills when I hear it. And the long track “The Lama Will Be Late This Year” sweeps whatever floor is left in this department.”

“... mixes the psychedelic pop of the ‘60s, a dash of Simon & Garfunkel and some expansive and imaginative arrangements which recall the Beach Boys or even Burt Bacharach in places. There’s a real warmth and love running through these cuts ...”

"Twice Upon a Rhyme from 1972 was one of Shindig’s favourite rereleases of last year."

"a musician full of summer sun"

"Superb fuzz guitar irresistibly drizzled across several tracks ... a memorable personality indelibly locked inside the grooves ... the perfect sound track for a lethargic spring day."

“The vocals are reminiscent of a live Beatles gig, I haven’t seen them live but my grandma said they are quite good.”

“Had this record been released in 1968-1970 and with the support of a major label it would have been hailed as a psych pop masterpiece.”

"romantic, sunshine happy Americana or bluesier ... a handful of good feeling summer breeze love songs ... a touch of Santana exotic elements and a lot more fuzz guitar ... melodic and harmony vocals"

"In recent years the album has gone from an unknown collectors' gem to a much more widely known (and acclaimed) folk-rock recording."

“At their best, Levinson and his crew produce dark, druggy pop music remindful of neighbors The Patron Saints or bayou obscuros Feather Da Gamba.”

"human mystical pop music... wonderful songs"

Taro Miyasugi - Record Collectors Magazine