Paul Kloschinsky / Press

“Doing everything from singing and playing instruments all the way to fully producing the album himself, Paul Kloschinsky has constructed a shockingly respectable release. Kloschinsky is a musician, first and foremost. But he is also a poet; and you can bet that plays into his lyrics. A listen to any of his songs will tell you why he was awarded with such an honor; his songwriting and storytelling skills are such that it makes his words difficult to forget.”

Alec Cunningham - Like Your Hero album review

“Woodlands is a consummate work of art where prodigy Paul Kloschinsky writes, sings, plays guitar, harmonica, produces and even shoots photography for the album cover to create a very cohesive folk album. Intense lyrics explore a wide range of subject matter that is both timeless and elucidating with natural common sense wisdom.”

Julian Gorman - Woodlands album review