Paulina Logan / Press

“If You Try contains great unique songwriting; I really enjoyed the playing and writing; excellent feel, very nice storyline, big vocal sound, and the music is beautiful.”

Melodic Promotions

“She has a powerful voice that can belt a rock tune then drop into a sultry croon.”

Skope Magazine

“(Paulina is a) soulful young woman with a mystical, beautifully haunting voice.”

Marjo Wilson, Singer/Songwriter

“Paulina Logan is playing right now and she is a top talent.”


“Paulina Logan’s ability to combine multiple musical styles with strong and meaningful lyrics and some top-notch, well-polished production, results in ‘Wallflower’ being a listening pleasure and hopefully a taste of things to come for future releases.”

Hubbub UK

“I had the pleasure of interviewing a lovely artist by the name of Paulina Logan. Her insightful and honest responses definitely leave me hoping that her star continues to rise and rise. She’s not a pop tart, but a full-bodied Cali girl!”

D.A.M. Magazine

“Paulina Logan is definitely one of the most intriguing songwriters I have heard.”

Guitar Living

“Wallflower is awesome and will make a great addition to Hillers.”

Mike Stivila, “Hillers” Creator/Writer/Director

“(Logan’s) voice is outstanding and (her) vocal style has a sexy swagger and confidence to it.”

Foley Entertainment

“There is a hypnotic rhythm to her voice. You can sense the growl of something special is in the air.”

Target Audience Magazine

“Everything is working together: the vocal, which is exceptional, the melody, the production, everything. This is all so seamless and instinctive, with everything just following the vibe, and pushing it forward, like trapping a wild spirit. I would buy this. And, I would play it a lot.”

Taxi Music

“This is a very special artist. She's got a unique, yet familiar 'voice,' sounding like a cross between Joni Mitchell & Sarah McLachlan, depending on which song you listen to. Being a great singer with high quality production is just icing on the cake.”

Taxi Music

“If you haven't heard the soulful voice of Paulina already, you're in for a treat. Her voice and original material will give you goosebumps!”

Cherie Sharrock, KWNE 94.5 DJ